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Fun Activities Around Harrison Hot Springs at British Columbia, Canada

Harrison Hot Spring is a well-known attraction to many in BC. However, there are many hidden gems around the area that many people glance over. Harrison Hot Spring is a small resort community surrounded by spectacular landscapes.Here are things to do while in Harrison Hot Springs.

harrison hot spring

Harrison Hot Springs Village is a small resort community surrounded by spectacular landscapes and is made famous for its natural healing hot springs (like the Guatemalan hot springs) that can be visited year-round. Here is a list of fun things to do while in Harrison Hot Springs for all ages that will keep you returning for more!

For Water-Lovers:

At 60 kilometers long, Harrison Lake offers unlimited water-lovers’ activities, from fishing, kayaking, swimming, paddling, river rafting, and paragliding. The list goes on and on. We recommend boating where you’ll witness impressive waterfalls, coves, and beaches. Because of the predictable thermal wind that blows during summertime, this is the perfect place to give windsurfing a try.

For the Adventurous: 

Harrison Hot Springs is a paradise for nature lovers. The best way to appreciate the magnificent surroundings is by going for a walk (e.g., we recommend the Heritage Walk through the older buildings in town or the old-growth cedar forest). 

Or why not go for a hike? Whatever level you’re looking for, Harrison Hot Springs got it. Take the Spirit Trail for a quick 30-minute trail or the Bear Mountain for 7-hour hiking. Just be careful of bears and never go out on your own! 

If playing golf is your sport, you’ll find the best 27 holes at Sandpiper Resort. Located at the banks of Harrison River, you are guaranteed a perfect round of golf.

Want to go treasure-hunting? Try Geocaching. 

Bird wildlife is abundant, so don’t miss the species in the major resting area at Harrison River. This is also the home of the largest congregations of bald eagles in autumn. 

If you want to witness a fantastic sight, Salmon and Weaver Creek in October showcases spawning salmons by the thousands.

  • Top Tip: 45 minutes away from Harrison, nestled high in the mountains, is a Sasquatch Mountain Resort where you can ski day and night. 

Get Ready for a Road trip!

Rolling foothills and winding rivers, let BC Scenic Route 7 captivates your imagination. Visit the nearby towns from Hope, Mission to Coquitlam. 

If you prefer to have fun on wheels, Harrison Hot Springs offers the finest biking experience. Go for street biking, do the Ice Cream Loop or a 25-km Circle Farm Tour. Are you in for a challenge? Then take the South Agassiz Fraser River Dike ride or mountain biking at the lower Bear Mountain Trails.

For History-Geeks: 

  • The legend of sasquatch continues to influence the town of Harrison today. In case you haven’t heard, a sasquatch is a bi-pedal mammal at 14-feet tall with immense strength and reddish hair. They are believed to be spiritual beings that can vanish into the spirit realm, which is why they’re so tricky to track down.
  • Top tip: Immerse yourself in the Sasquatch Museum. Afterward, spot the local sasquatch at the following sites: the entrance of Harrison Hot Springs, the floodgate of Harrison Resort, the corner of Esplanade Avenue, and Village Pizzeria.
  • Step back in time. Have a glimpse of the fascinating BC rural life and history by visiting the Kilby Historic Site. Here, you’ll find the original Kilby General Store, General Store Museum, Rail Road and Flood Pain and many more galleries and exhibit rooms. It is also possible to camp around here. Other museums worth visiting are Agassiz Harrison Museum, which features an old train depot, and Yale Museum where you can stroll the boardwalk into a tent city. 

If you want to experience culture, festivals at Harrison Hot Springs never come short. Every year, there are plenty of art exhibitions and festivals to watch out for. Time to mark your calendars!

  • Sasquatch Days (June 27, 28)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Agassiz Fall Fair and Corn Festival (September 18 – 19)
  • Dragon Boat Festival (July 25)
  • Harrison Festival of the Arts (July 10 – 19)
  • Children’s Day (July 15)
  • Bands on the Beach (September 5 – 6)
  • Harrison Beer Festival (October 30 – 31)

(Dates are subject to change so make sure to check with the Visitor Centre). 

Take Care of your Health and Wellness:

From Yoga to Reiki, Harrison Hot Springs is the place to heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • Healing Springs Spa is where you can immerse yourself in inspiration and energy. Go for a facial, a massage or simply relax in the hot pools to thoroughly rejuvenate. 
  • Forest bathing at Ya Doma Natura and Forest Therapy offers a mindful, spiritual and healing experience to slow down and be in the moment. A guide will help you reconnect throughout the walk 

Dine Well at Harrison Hot Springs: 

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well
if one has not dined well.
– Virginia Woolf. 

Finding a place to dine out is never an issue because there’s a great variety where you’ll find mouth-watering food served with fantastic service! Here are our five-picks!

  • Black Forest Steak and Schnitzel House serves authentic German food. 
  • Pho Ho Vietnamese Noodle Soup guarantees to warm your stomach. 
  • Royal King Indian Restaurant specializes in authentic Indian curries, tandoori and naans. 
  • Sushi Kitami Japanese Restaurant is the place to enjoy the finest sushi, sashimi, and tempura. 
  • Muddy Waters serves farm to table menu with specialty coffees and desserts. 

Whether you’re looking for cafes, pubs, snack bars, Harrison Hot Springs has a lot to offer. 

Explore Nearby Attractions:

If you are willing to go a little out of the way, these sites are worth to visit:

  • Bridal Falls is a popular base for tourists to explore the Fraser Valley and the sixth-highest waterfall in Canada, Bridal Veil Falls. 
  • Hell’s Gate Gorge’s air tram offers awe-inspiring views of Hell’s Gate and the Fraser Canyon. 
  • Othello Tunnels were carved through concrete granite walls, passing over the wild Coquihalla River. Here, you can take an easy one-hour trail to where the movie, Rambo: First Blood was filmed!
  • 80 Hope Chainsaw Carvings can be seen at the town centre of Hope. The town is known to be the chainsaw carving capital, where you’ll find impressive carvings that depict local wildlife. 

With so many good things to explore at Harrison Hot Springs, it is a dream come true for adventurers and seekers of serenity to get away from the big cities’ hustle and bustle and settle here. 

Your next chapter begins at Harrison Ridge, a master plan community of townhomes perfectly situated in the middle of all these attractions. Only 20 minutes away from Harrison Hot Springs, gorgeously designed and highly affordable townhomes are waiting for you and your family. The real estate development is conveniently located next to Highway 7 and a short drive away from Highway 1. 

Living a good life comes easy, because you’ll find plenty of commercial shops for every necessity, plus, you’ll have access to all the fun activities above. Harrison Ridge makes the perfect sanctuary for starting families or retirees who prefer a bigger space and surrounded by nature. It is home where you can find the perfect peace of mind.

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