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Your Full Mont Blanc Trekking Guide

Trekking in glacier-clad Mont Blanc is the dream of many! After all, it is the highest mountain in the Alps that has distinct valleys that spread out to Italy, France, and Switzerland. Different tour organizers can create the right balance of challenge, fun, and enjoyment for you. So, embark on Tour de Mont Blanc for a range of hiking abilities as well as mountain biking and some kayaking thrown in!

Your Full Mont Blanc Trekking Guide

Mont Blanc Trekking Guide

The best time to trek Mont Blanc

If planning to trek, Mont Blanc, then the best time lies between June and September, when the weather is just perfect. However, like in all mountainous regions, the weather here can be unpredictable. It is a good idea to keep in touch with the local weather-watchers and browse websites and apps for Mont Blanc weather. Keep in mind that towards the end of August, Mont Blanc trails can get really busy and crowded because of the several competitions organized.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc is looked upon as one of the greatest hikes in the world. The trek takes you across lush green meadows and epic glaciers and into those classic alpine hamlets. You not only enjoy a great trekking experience close to nature but also get familiar with the cultural and culinary delights of the country. The trek indeed brings out the best spirit inside you as a trekker. You spend more than ten days on the trek as you leave the Chamonix valley for those highest mountains and visit Italy and Switzerland on the route. The trek is simply too good to be missed, and you stop at the charming town and villages on the way such as Champex, Courmayeur, and Argentiere. Enjoy delicious mountain cuisine in simple villages and pass through Alpine meadows. Tour du Mont Blanc is a 170 km trek where you will touch almost 10 000m of descent.

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Your Full Mont Blanc Trekking Guide

General Information of Mont Blanc

As there is always a rush for the Mont Blanc tour, it is a good idea to make the bookings well in advance. The peak season lasts from July to August. You can skip the peak season and enjoy the beautiful and quiet side of the trek but beware of snow on the higher paths that could be dangerous and make trekking difficult. It is a good idea to hire a trekking guide for your trip who can guide you to walk point-to-point each day. You can stay in mountain huts or hotels at night, and all your baggage is taken care of.

Always keep your camera handy to click those wonderful panoramas of nature that you find yourself surrounded with. There are incredible flora and fauna on the route, and you are likely to spot deer, eagles, chamois as well as those beautiful alpine flowers. You will come across a wide variety of wildlife such as marmots, alpine goats, jumping fish and more.

Your Full Mont Blanc Trekking Guide

You can wear shorts and comfortable clothes and lightweight boots. However, do keep some warm clothes and waterproofs in your backpack. Trekking poles can be useful, and do not forget to carry SPF protection cream and sunglasses. Also, carry plenty of drinking water, and do not forget to check the weather conditions before you start your journey. It is a good idea to pack lights with vehicle support.

Different trekking routes

The challenging hiking routes are sure to reward you with magnificent views of glaciers and valleys. Enjoy delicious mountain cuisine in simple refuges. You can go for a 4-day trek or keep on trekking for 10 days. There are well-marked trails across the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. Here are some of the options you can enjoy when trekking Mont Blanc.

  • 4-day trip- The not so challenging but fast trek will take you through Chamonix, Les Contamines, Courmayeur, and Champex. The trek may be short but is suitable only for the very fit and expert hikers.
  • 10-day trek- The 10-day trek will go at a slower pace and is sure to expand the experience. You will cover Chamonix, Les Houches, Les Contamines, Les Chapieux, Refuge Elisabetta, Courmayeur, La Vachey, La Fouly, Champex, Trient, and Tre le Champ.

Chamonix, the charming alpine town that is located at the foot of Mont Blanc is the starting point of these treks. The climb from here leads to the Bionnassay Glacier from where you can enjoy fine views of the snow-covered ridges of Mont Blanc. Once you enter Italy, you hike through glades and forests and later cross the mountainous Aosta region. From here, you can see the fantastic views of Mont Blanc itself. When you cross Switzerland, you pass below those massive peaks of Mont Dolent and the Grandes Jorasses. Later, the trek takes you to the magnificent Trient Glacier.  The trail climbs to the border between Switzerland and France from where you can feast your eyes on the beautiful Chamonix Valley.

 Highlights of Tour du Mont Blanc

It is indeed a special experience to trek Mont Blanc! You feel exhilarated at the sights of those snowy peaks that soar above flower-filled meadows with the majestic Mont Blanc towering tall. This is your chance to experience mountain life and enjoy the mix of rustic and chic. You get to stay at those local storybook villages as well as a stroll through the streets and among the glamorous boutiques of Chamonix.

As the journey takes you up the mountain trail, you can enjoy lovely views of the valleys and towns. Stop at local villages and enjoy the hospitality of the locals as they serve you with regional specialties and cheeses.  You can rest at local mountain farms or lounge in luxurious and exquisite hotels.

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Mont Blanc treak viewing spot

Tour du Mont Blanc allows you to enjoy trekking the Alps from France to Italy and Switzerland. As the trekking style is active and challenging, make sure that the tour is right for you. If you love the outdoors and being close to nature and do not mind long hours of trekking, then this is the tour for you! Along with trekking, you get lots of optional activities like cycling or some heavy form of exercise to swat a bit.

As they say, the best is saved for the end. And as you pass through France, Italy, and Switzerland, you get rewarded with jaw-dropping panoramas at every turn. Smell the pine-scented clean alpine air and listen to the clanking cowbells far down in the valleys. The towering peaks of the Mont Blanc will always be there as a backdrop. You can relax at comfortable accommodation at the end of the day and enjoy delicious local cuisine along with the company of fellow hikers and the locals.

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