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From ‘When’ to Charter a Yacht in Croatia?

When you plan holidays on the water, the question “when” comes up in addition to “where”. Choosing the date of the charter makes a big difference when it comes to availability, price and planning your trip. Thanks to this article you will find out when is the best time to book a yacht in one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world – Croatia. 

Croatia offers tons of tourist attractions, you can read my full blog post about croatian attractions here. And definitely a yacht trip is a must!

Charter a Yacht in Croatia

Which period is the best to charter a yacht in Croatia? 

Croatia is popular for many reasons like the pleasant Mediterranean climate and a varied coastline with almost 1200 islands and islets. Moreover Croatia has the well-developed nautical infrastructure and the local culture which is full of breathtaking sights and delicious cuisine. The sailing season lasts here from May to October. Peak season is July and August when it is crowded and temperatures can reach a dizzying 35°C. However many people choose to visit Croatia in May/June or September/October. This is a better choice for those less resistant to the heat because the weather is more pleasant, the winds are more conducive to comfortable sailing and prices are much lower than in the middle of summer. There is also less traffic in marinas, making it easier to find a mooring. 

When to look for Yacht Charter deals? 

You can look for first minute and last minute offers when you want to charter a yacht. The first ones are available at the beginning of the year and thanks to them you can comfortably choose a yacht perfectly suited to your expectations. Yacht production year, number of cabins, equipment, length, but also location and price – looking for yachts according to such details makes planning holidays much easier. It also gives you more time to plan time off at work, the route and prepare all the documents, etc. An alternative solution are last minute offers, those for very close dates. These have the advantage of good prices, but come with little choice and uncertainty about finding the suitable yacht. If you decide to book a last minute deal, be sure to be willing to compromise and be able to make decisions quickly with your crew. You’ll have to take care of all the paperwork, marina access, packing, etc. in a short period of time, which can be a challenge. Such offers appear about 1-3 weeks before the cruise and often disappear quickly, especially if they are for popular models. This is a good idea for anyone who has no problem acting spontaneously and can adjust to different conditions. By booking at the last minute, you can save a lot of money and spend it on, for example, additional attractions during your holiday. 

You can start looking for a yacht charter offer at any time. If you like to have a wide variety and you prefer to plan everything carefully, it is better to choose the first minute and start looking for a yacht in January-February. If you want a very attractive price and spontaneous decisions and small compromises are not an obstacle for you, wait till a month before your desired vacation date and start looking at last minute yachts. Whatever your decision will be, will make your booking smooth, easy and 100% online.

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