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From Central America’s Tropical Weather to a Ski Vacation with Kids

If you are in Central America and want to leave the tropical weather behind, and have a great time in the snow this winter, embarking on a skiing holiday with the kids is an exciting prospect. However, as always, any parent would be worried about how to keep the children entertained during the time you’ll spend off your skis. When it’s freezing outside and you all need to be indoors during the evening, a group of bored youngsters can be testing to even the saintliest mums and dads.

Never fear, however, there are ways to survive these periods of inactivity! A bit of creative thought is often all you’ll need to keep little ones busy until bedtime. Read on for my top tips.

Ski de randonnée dans l'Oisan

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Book Child-Friendly Accommodation

Perhaps the most important point on this list is opting for child-friendly accommodation. There’s only so much you can do with children when limited to what you’ve brought along on your holiday, and they’re likely to get bored after the tenth or so round of I Spy, which is why hotels and chalets with kid-friendly facilities are such a blessing.

The logistics of getting a whole family ready and out on to the snow for a skiing excursion is tiring in itself, and afterwards you might just want to relax. This is rarely what the children want to do, however, so make sure you choose accommodation with an on-site kids’ club, or at least something similar nearby. These groups often organise daily activities for youngsters to take part in, many of which mum and dad can sit out for.

Within your accommodation you might also find a swimming pool or a games room, both of which will help keep youngsters busy during their time off the snow. Many chalets and hotels also offer childcare services, ideal if you want to spend some quality time with your spouse.

Get Crafty

Before you leave for your holiday, you might want to pack some craft equipment – like blunt scissors and glue – into your luggage. If you’re worried about making it through customs with these items in your suitcase, you can always invest in them once you’ve settled in at your destination, or make your own glue out of flour and water.

After a busy day outdoors on the slopes, in restaurants and at attractions, keep any junk you amass on your person and you can use it later once you’re back at your chalet or hotel. Kids love messy play and junk modelling is a good way of making use of things you would perhaps otherwise have simply thrown in the bin. Cardboard boxes, leaflets, toilet roll tubes and plastic cups can all be glued and painted to transform into a robot in no time at all!

Tempt them with Treasure

Another fun activity that will keep youngsters busy for ages is a treasure hunt. Mum and dad can hide sweets around the chalet and provide children with either a map or various riddles they have to solve in order to find the hiding place of each treat.

If you don’t want to indulge their sweet teeth, the game works equally well as a scavenger hunt, in which you give the kids a list of items to find and provide a prize at the end. Objects can be as simple as a coin, a pebble or a specific item of clothing, and the competitive element will concentrate their minds and help them avoid becoming distracted.

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