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From Central American Jungles to Historic Cities of Europe

If you want to leave the tropical forests of Central America, and go on a city break, to experience something different, then why not head to the city of Faro in the Algarve, Portugal? Although millions of people pass through Faro airport every summer on their way to resorts along the Algarve coast, relatively few stop and spend some time in this beautiful and interesting city.

This is unsurprising as usually most people going to the Algarve are on a package deal which will include the transfer from the airport. But even if you’re on a package, it’s still easy to take an excursion to Faro for a day during your holiday if you’re staying in one of the many resorts served by Faro airport. For example, if you’re staying in Albufeira at the Eden Resort, it won’t take you long to travel to Faro for the day.

Faro Church - The Algarve, Portugal

Photo By: Glen Bowman

It’s an easy city to get around as it’s not too big. In the old town (Centro Historico) the streets are maze-like, so it can be quite good fun to let yourself get lost and see where the streets take you. Soon enough, you’ll find a landmark square or building to get back on the right track. Stop at one of the many tiny street cafes to sample some delicious pastries such as the pastel de nata and the typically Portuguese fiovos de ovos – egg yolks cooked in syrup.

The harbour is beautiful and you’ll find the cathedral an interesting building to visit. As for museums, head for the Algarve Regional Museum (Museu Regional Do Algarve) and the Municipal Museum of Archaeology and Maritime Museum.

If you’re looking for a good nightlife atmosphere, Faro has plenty of bars and clubs as it’s also home to the University of the Algarve, so there is quite a big student population there.

Whether you visit Faro for half a day during a week’s beach holiday, or if you visit the city for its own sake for three or four days, you’ll find plenty to see and do there.

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