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From Central America to Tenerife – Unusual Attractions

If you have visited Central America, and loved its weird and beautiful natural attractions, Tenerife may be a good option for your next adventure. This is an island famous for its beaches, golf courses and nightlife, but it’s home to some pretty unusual attractions as well. These include quirky parks and weird and wonderful natural formations – and, to help you decide where to visit, I’ve put together a list of the best below.


Photo By: Leo-setá

Roques de Garcia

The Roques de Garcia are probably one of the oddest things you’ll come across in Tenerife, and you’ll find them in Teide National Park. Take a bit of a stroll a few kilometres south of the eponymous Mount Teide to discover these striking lava pinnacles – they’re pretty hard to miss once you’re nearby.

Formed over thousands of years as the rocks and earth around volcanic dykes eroded, the twisted formations visible today are truly strange to behold – and some have equally odd names, such as the Finger of God. They’re a pretty popular sight to visit, so don’t expect to have the place to yourself.

Pico Viejo

My next top unusual site is also in Teide National Park, so you could feasibly visit it on the same day as the above. Pico Viejo had the last major volcanic eruption recorded in Tenerife, which happened back in 1798.

What’s interesting about coming here is that you can still clearly see the scars left by it today. For instance, when the eruption happened, the south-western side of the peal was ripped open, and you should be able to spot where molten lava was jettisoned into the air before splashing back to down to earth.

A little further down, you’ll see where another gash opened up and hot lava scorched the ground; to this day, the grass still hasn’t grown back.

Montana Amarilla

Not all Tenerife’s curious attractions are tucked away in Teide National Park. Montana Amarilla can be found on the coast just outside Las Galletas. To find it, get yourself to Calle Chasna and go to the little car park at the end of the street. Here, there’s a small path that’ll take you down to the waterfront.

So, what is Montana Amarilla, I hear you ask? It’s a pretty imposing rock formation that’s been carved by the wind and water. As an added bonus, when you come here you get to enjoy a fantastic view of the coast, as well as have a fun walk picking your way along the rocks. Just make sure you put on some sturdy shoes before you go!

Loro Parque

Last on my list is Loro Parque and, unlike the rest of my top bizarre attractions, this one isn’t a natural wonder. Instead, it’s a wildlife park in Puerto de la Cruz. Now, you might be thinking this doesn’t sound particularly odd (and you’re right – it doesn’t), but what makes it unique is what you’ll find inside.

This park is home to the world’s largest collection of parrots, totalling more than 3,000 in number. What’s more, there are 340 different species of these – so expect a rather parrot-themed day when you come here!

That said, you can see more than birds. There are also things like gorillas and tigers, while there’s an impressive underground aquarium and brilliant dolphin and whale shows. Personally, I’d quite like to visit the charmingly named ‘penguinarium’, but it all sounds pretty fun!

Have you been on Tenerife holidays lately? Where would you recommend visiting?

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