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From Central America to Orlando With the Family

Walt Disney didn’t pick Florida as the setting for the world’s largest theme park for no reason. Its unparalleled beaches, stunning landscapes and the all-important great weather make this American state the perfect place for a magical holiday.

So if you are looking to get away from the Central American Jungles and forests check out these three things Florida does better than anywhere else in America – beaches, villas and theme parks.

Florida is the perfect host for families. Inundated with millions of guests every year, it has perfected the art of making everyone feel welcome. Beaches, attractions and restaurants cater for families of all makes and models. When it comes to finding somewhere to stay, villas are the ideal accommodation choice for families wanting to spread out and relax in their own private comfort. The villas in Florida are far more modern than the traditional variety seen across Europe. Large in size and usually with a swimming pool included, renting a villa lets your family live the life of Floridian luxury.

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Now you just have to decide what kind of holiday you want.

The number one stop for beaches has to be Florida’s Gulf Coast. With fewer crowds, long sandy beaches and clear, blue water, the Gulf fits everyone’s vision of paradise. The abundance of wildlife will excite any child, and the range of watersports on offer will cater to the active, outdoorsy holidaymaker.

For a holiday full of thrill and excitement, every family has to head straight for Orlando.

With residents including Mickey Mouse, Shrek and Harry Potter, Orlando has to be one of the most popular cities in the world. From Disneyland to Universal Studios and LEGOLAND, it’s encircled by worlds full of imagination and magic.

Your days can be spent riding thrilling rollercoasters, exploring worlds of adventure and meeting all of your favourite characters.

The magic doesn’t just stop at the theme park’s gates either. Orlando has let their enchanted fingers visit the city too. Innumerable restaurants and bars incorporate some kind of Disney or movie theme into their premises.

At the end of a day filled with excitement and thrills, every family member is going to need time to relax and reenergise for the next day of adventure. In Orlando villas can be found all over the city, depending on where you want to be based. Staying in the Tuscana area or in the Southern Dunes community will put you close to Disneyland and world-renowned ChampionsGate Golf Club. No matter what location you choose, the best part of the villas in Orlando is that they’re big enough to house the whole family, whatever the size, under the one roof.

A family trip to Florida will certainly become an unbeatable holiday. The sunny climate and laidback lifestyle combined with adventure and excitement are what keeps families coming back every year.

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