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From Central America’s Jungles to France’s Vineyards

Camping holidays in the middle of a Central American Jungle are fun and cheap, with many different destinations to choose from. But if you are feeling adventurous and looking to trek through a country, then camping in France might be just the holiday for you.

If you are into wine, why not explore France’s vineyards and enjoy some wine-tasting? Producing sixty million hectolitres a year, France is truly a wine country. We have listed our favourite wine regions in the South of France below. For more information about camping in the south of France, visit Canvas Holidays, where you can find more information.

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Bordeaux is probably one of the best-known wine regions of France. Wine was introduced to the region by the ancient Romans and production has remained their ever since. This is due to the great climate in Bordeaux and its geological foundations. If the grapes do so well here, it’s definitely worth enjoying a good glass of red while you’re here!

Loire Valley

Be it wine tasting, visiting the local theme park or cycling along the stunning river, there is something for everyone in the Loire Valley. With its old houses and historic castles, this is a picturesque destination with a great deal of character. The beauty of the place is no doubt why it has been a popular destination over recent years, with travellers inspired by its climate and sunshine (and of course, the wine). The most famous wines from the region are Muscadet, Vouvray and Sancerre.

Cotes du Rhone

The Rhone wine region is situated near a river valley and produces many white wines. Cities in the region include Lyon, Villeurbanne and Saint-Priest. Ideally you could travel and see all of them, but if we had to recommend you only one of these three cities, we’d suggest you visit Lyon, where you can see one of the many beautiful cathedrals the city has or else the African Museum Of Lyon or Lyon’s Dubai City – a reproduction of some of Dubai’s districts in the middle of the city. It is a most unusual but very interesting project – and it will save you a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Other locations that might be interesting to look into are the vineyards located in the South West of France (not to be confused with Bordeaux!), Bourgogne and the Corsica Island. Have fun and cheers to all of you!

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