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From Central America to Bahrain

If you have explored Central America with you family, and feel like you have seen everything there is to be seen, but aren’t ready to go back home, it’s time to start thinking about a new destination. A great place you can visit, where weather is warm and the culture completely different is the small Kingdom of Bahrain.

This is a group of 33 islands located in the Persian Sea. In it you can find diverse attractions, like anything you might want from a modern city, as well as archaeological sites of an ancient culture that lived here for over five thousand years.

It might not be a popular place for travelers from around the world, but it is pretty famous along the Arab states. It has also gained more international attention lately, due to its International F1 Circuit.

Bahrain Fort arches

Photo By: Pedronet

Places to visit in Bahrain

  • Archaeological sites
  • Museums
  • Mosques
  • Temples

Popular Things to Do for Families

  • Bird watching
  • Scuba diving
  • Horse riding
  • Shopping at the malls
  • March festival
  • F1 Races

General Info

– Currency: The currency in Bahrain is the Bahraini dinar (BD). The exchange rates are: 1 dinar = $2.66 US dollars.
– Visa: Citizens from US, UK, Canada, Spain and other 27 countries can get visas at the airport or borders for around $13. The rest should approach consulates, or go to their website to figure out what to do to get a visa.
– Cultural curiosities: A) Kissing your partner in public is not well seen and you could end up in jail. B) They are very proud of their religious practices so avoid making comments about it. C) Women should avoid shorts, tiny blouses, small or tight dresses and anything that might be see-through.

This place offers completely different adventures form those that you might have had in Central America. But it will also be a place where you can have a great time!

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