Fresh-Tips Review: Portable Disposable Toothbrush for Travelers

After you have been traveling a lot, regularly, you get to notice stuff that you won’t usually notice, like packing, making luggage, and the importance of packing light. Once you notice this, you’ll start looking for comfy options to replace your stuff with a more convenient one. In my case, my issue was with toothbrushes, I couldn’t find a good option that does its job and fit my necessities… until I found a portable and disposable mini toothbrush, Fresh-Tips, and here is my review.

They got me at “disposable”, which is something essential for me and more if you have kids.

If you are a backpacker and usually don’t stay at places with all the basic necessities, this toothbrush will come in handy, one of the biggest draws is that you don’t need toothpaste or water to clean your teethes with Fresh-Tips. Also, they can be useful for camping, they are small, portable, and disposable. A must-have for travelers.

But that’s not the only good perk Fresh-Tips have, they have a ton.

Fresh-Tips Disposable Mini Toothbrush

The package

The toothbrush comes in a small package, it’s really portable. It will fit on your luggage, backpack, or even your pocket. There are many package options with 10, 25, 50, and 100 mini toothbrushes. Since they can fit any bag, you really can use them in any situation.

Each of them comes individually wrapped, which is even more convenient.

The design

The mini toothbrush is literally a lollipop, with soft rubber bristles that won’t hurt you. Despite not needing toothpaste, they do clean your teeth pretty well. They come with a cool peppermint flavor, the mint is great, not absurdly strong, but it will leave your breath fresh.

Kid and elderly-friendly

The toothbrush is really soft, and since it’s made with rubber, it won’t hurt your gums. Despite being soft, they do their job perfectly. Also, it contains Xylitol without sugar, it helps fight plaque and can prevent cavities like a normal toothpaste but without fluoride!!

Simple and easy to use

It’s made out of three different parts:

  • The rubber
  • The ring around the rubber, contains mint
  • The pick where the rubber is on, which you can use as a toothpick to remove chunks of food from your teethes.
fresh-tips packages and one disposable mini toothbrush
Fresh-Tips packages and one disposable mini toothbrush. Source: Amazon Review


Fresh-Tips is a small business, despite that, they are pretty popular among travelers, backpackers, campers, and even hikers. The toothbrush is useful in many scenarios, I have read that many people use it to avoid smoking and to avoid snacking a lot. It’s a lifesaver for travelers, the individual package can easily fit in your pocket, in case you’re road tripping through California you just can use it anywhere, and the fact that you don’t need water or toothpaste makes it even more useful, you can just brush your teeth in the 60s and start your day right away without even leaving your car. The products are made by dentists, and the fact that they avoided using fluoride tells how much they care.

You can easily buy the disposable mini toothbrush on Amazon, but you can use their website too.

Website: https://freshtips.com/

Prices: The prices vary depending on how many mini toothbrushes you want to get, it’s $29.95 for 25.

Last Updated on July 23, 2022

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