Frescos (Costa Rican Drink With Fruits) Is a Must Try

Costa Rica is a blessed tropical paradise of fresh fruits. And with all my years of living here, I have to contest it is cheaper to buy fresh fruit and make your own fresh fruit juice than to buy the manufactured kind. No joke! I can never get enough of this treat, and here are a few ideas of juices you can do anywhere in the world. Keep reading to learn more frescos drink, a must-try in Costa Rica.

We know this style of drink as smoothies, in Costa Rica, they are called batidos. Enjoy!

What is frescos in Costa Rica?

Fresco” is a generic word in Costa Rica for any fruit that’s blended with water, some syrup, and ice. The most popular versions are watermelon, papaya, guayaba, and mango, but you can find it pretty much with almost any fruit; also it usually incorporates other diced fruits as a garnish and some other things

A batido is a fresco, they are the same thing.

How to prepare a Costa Rican fresco?


Fruit, Fruit and more fruit:
pineapple, blackberry, mango, papaya, strawberry, cantaloupe, watermelon, guanabana, passion fruit, star fruit
water or milk



Cook It Up!

You can use one fruit or mix a dozen fruits you decide. Throw your choices into a blender with the ice, sugar and water or milk. (Many people like it with milk, you can do whichever you like, they all taste amazing). Give it a whirl and viola.

Serve it Up!

Pour it into a tall glass or simply stick a straw directly into the blender (if it’s just you) and sip away.

Where to find frescos in Costa Rica?

You can find batidos or frescos in many places, literally, they are everywhere. Go to the markets, local restaurants and even little restaurants, also, there are people selling them in the streets of major cities.

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Last Updated on March 2, 2023

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