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5 Free Things to Do in Newport Rhode Island

I have always believed that you can have a blast while you travel, without having to spend a lot of money. Most of the times a few of the best and most authentic attractions can be enjoyed for free. This is the case of Newport, Rhode Island. Here you can have a couple of days of fun just by spending time doing free stuff.

5 Free Things to do in Newport Rhode Island

1. Cliff Walk Newport This is 3.5 mile a public access walk located on the eastern shore of Newport. It has become popular among travelers because of its natural beauty and all of the gorgeous and historic mansions that can be seen as you walk through them.

Things to Do in Newport Rhode Island

2. Newport Ocean DriveThis might look like another road. But what makes it special is the ten miles of historic landmarks and stunning views that you can find. If you take your time so see a few of points of interest it can provide a full day of fun.


3. Wharfs of Newport – In this cute town you can find wharfs and docks from the 18th century. They are set along the coast and you can check them out. They have now been turned into shops, cafes and restaurants.

sailing newport rhode island

4. Walk Around Downtown – Newport is gorgeous. The buildings, the surroundings and overall laid back feel make it ideal for spending some time walking and enjoying the place.


5. Beaches – Newport has tons of beautiful beaches with warm waters, perfect for kids. The best time to swim is between July and August. That’s when the water is at its best. If you have the time, try to visit them during the weekdays. You will have the beaches almost for yourself.


Do you know about other free things to do in Newport, Rhode Island? Share your experience in the comments I would love to know!

5 Things to Do in Newport Rhode Island for Free



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  1. The Newport Historical Society’s mobile app, Explore Newport History, is completely free and will definitely enhance any walk downtown!

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