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Free Hands in Your Adventures! A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

We all get intimacy feelings whenever we share a trip with important people in life. Sometimes we even want them to come with us for every travel, yet in reality, it is not possible. That is why recording became an essential part of traveling nowadays. With so many alternatives on the camera market, I found OmiCamprovides VR video and is targeting at a long time outdoor activity recording. As soon as the VR video rebuilds the trail I hiked, I will be able to share my adventure with friends and family with a vivid memory instead of still photos. Generally speaking, I think OmiCam provides an alternative and unique way for hiking and travel photography.

Moreover, its operation is more straightforward than I thought. Mount on the strap of backpacker, and it is ready to go! Although it exists some weaknesses as I will mention later.

A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

First of all, let’s take an overall look of the product package

A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

This package contains an OmiCam, a 360-degree Rotary Clip Mount & quick release, USB charging cable, a sporty carrying bag, a screw mount adapter, and an Instruction Booklet.

A close-up look at OmiCam

A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

Its size is not bigger than a palm. It is comfortable to hold, and it is lightweight.

The memory card is a micro SD card and is already inserted.

I can start to shoot right after charging it (about 3hrs charging for first use).

How to start

A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

There are only three buttons on OmiCam

(1)   Power button (same button to connect Wi-Fi)

(2)   Lifelog button (long press to switch mode between photo and video;)

(3)   Shutter key (start and stop video recording)

After powering on the OmiCam by pressing the power button, I could quickly start recording through one click of the shutter key and stop recording by clicking the same button again. If I want to document in an extended period, there is a “Lifelog mode” which can be activated by pressing the lifelog button. I will talk more about it later.

The 240-degree lens

A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

Unlike other 360-degree cameras that require users to hold a stick all the time, OmiCam can quickly mount on the body. It captures the view angle that similar to the capability of human eyes and rebuilds the vivid VR video afterward.

This lens is the most significant part of the camera that is exposed outside. It attends IP65, which means no ingress of dust and can protest water jets from any angle. It is splash-resistant so that it can still operate under little rain. To prevent damage from colliding, OmiCam comes with a cap.

How is the 4K resolution?

A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

As you can see, it’s wide-angle captured the much more landscape on the side.

Regular recording mode

**You can drag & click on the video to get a different viewpoint.**

While visiting more and more countries, it becomes a heavy burden to manage photos and videos for travelers. With the help of their software “OMI Studio” (free downloading), things become a lot easier. It features on previewing, editing, and transferring into 360 format. I use it to edit the original video that looks like a spherical video, and output as a VR story that could be uploaded on my social media streams.

Lifelog- The reason why it is the option for a hiking/traveling camera

I have to say this design opens up my mind and frees my hands. It slightly changed my mindset of travel vlogging. I used to think that one must be professional in photography or photoshop to have attractive content. Considerable time is devoted to ensuring getting a decent recording, while the real time to enjoy the moment is shrinking. Lifelog mode allows OmiCam to automatically record a video clip(5/15/30 sec) for every (1/3/5 min) interval in video mode, or take a photo for every (5/15/30 sec) in photo mode. At the time you can let it up to 15 hrs operating, or you can press the Lifelog button anytime to call off this recording.

Lifelog Mode

OmiCam can also connect to aphone via Wi-Fi and use OMI Studio to set the detail parameter. The only thing that needs to pay attention to is that once connected to Wi-Fi, it consumes much more power so that it will shorten the time of usage. Have to make sure to turn off Wi-Fi when you are not connecting with the OMI Studio app (PS. When the camera is in Lifelog, Wi-Fi will automatically be switched off. )

Wearable design

I have a glimpse on their website. It looks like OmiCam can be adapted to various accessories like a bike, helmet, a belt of a backpack with the help of the quick release clip. In the basic set, it already contains a 360-degree release clip and a quick release. Also, there is a screw mount adapter that can match to other camera accessories. I notice they also sell a waterproof case for people who go diving.

A Wide-angle, Wearable, Easy-to-use Outdoor Camera

In conclusion, OmiCam is a lightweight and durable camera at an affordable price. Consider to take it with you for your next trip and sparks more joy in your life.}

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