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Travel Planning Tips – 4 Tips For Preparing Your Home For An Extended Vacation

Vacation is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation, but if you spend all that time worrying about your home, you’re not going to have much fun. That’s why it is important to get your home ready for vacations as well, especially if you’re going to be gone for more than just a couple days.Four travel planning tips to learn about how to prepare your home for your long term travel adventure.Take a look at this list of travel tips.

There’s more to it than just checking to make sure you lock the doors, you might want to check that your locks are still good or that your windows are closing properly. Nothing could ruin your vacation faster than having someone break-in while you’re gone.

Travel Planning Tips
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Travel Planning Tips For Preparing Your Home A Vacation

Consider Windows With Locks

Do your windows have security locks on them? If they don’t, you may want to invest in some new windows. Your new windows could keep robbers out of your house.

Safety windows that have locks will not only protect your home while you are on vacation, but they will also help protect you when you’re home . Even if you don’t live in an area of high crimes, your home and family will feel safer and more protected with locking windows.

Have A Trusted Friend House Sit

If you are afraid to leave your home on occupied while you are on your extended vacation, ask a trusted friend to house sit for you. If you don’t have someone that can come stay at your home, you can always ask them to drive by or just check in every couple days.

Tell as few people as you can about your planned vacation, and do not post about it on social media. Posting about vacation or even your normal work hours is just asking for burglars to visit your home while you are gone

Keep A Light On And Invest In Motion Lights

When you head out for vacation don’t shut off all of the lights in your home. Instead keep one light on in your home, such as a kitchen light, which makes it look more like someone’s there. If you have a friend watching your home, have them switch which light is left on each time they visit.

Another good investment, if you travel a lot, would be to have motion detector lights put in on your porch or at least your garage. This will hopefully deter robbers from breaking into your home, as when the lights come on they will think someone just turned them on.

Double Check Windows And Doors Before You Lock Up

Remember, the locks on your doors and windows won’t help any if you don’t make sure they are all locked when you leave. Just like you might write a list of everything you need to remember to take with you, you should also consider making a list of the things you need to check in your home before you leave.

On the top of this list should be your locks. You should also go back through and make sure lights are turned off, except the one you want to keep on for security. You should also check to make sure everything is turned off in the kitchen and bathroom, and whatever other rooms you have in your home that may have electrical items plugged in or turned on. Since you are leaving, unplug electric devices that don’t need to stay plugged in.

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