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Four SEO Tips You Can Learn from Travel Brands

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SEO and tips to get better search results have been around for years, and yet this field still remains confusing for those looking to launch a new website. But instead of sending out cash to the best SEO companies, another approach is to look at websites which are winning the SEO game and learn from their approach. Travel companies like Hotwire and Travelocity are major SEO innovators, as their websites depend on being the top search travel destinations for customers.


Here are a few things which these companies, as well as some thoughts on how your business and websites could use them.

Internal Links Everywhere

Go on the front page of any travel websites like Hotwire, and you will notice dozens of internal links to practically every section of its overall web footprint. Internal links are valuable SEO tools for a variety of reasons. They help Google understand your website’s architecture and layout and make the website easier to navigate.

Look at your own website’s front page and think about whether you could add some more internal links to new sections of your webpage. If you cannot, that is arguably a sign that your website needs more content.

Think of the Home Page

You want your home page to have many internal links, but that does not mean that you should be sacrificing home page content to put up links. Remember that the home page is normally where first-time visitors will get their initial impressions, and you only have a few seconds before they change their minds and click away.

Use content text in your home page, and make sure that it contains plenty of useful keywords to get better SEO results.

Content and Information

Many travel brands rely on content marketing for SEO. For example, Airbnb has its incredible magazine which showcases travel from across the globe. Other websites have guides on what to do upon traveling to new places or what to pack.

If you want to improve your SEO, you will need links from other websites. To get links from other websites, you need something to attract them with. Creating good content is a cheap and efficient means of getting that attraction.

Email Marketing

If you have emails from potential customers, you are sitting on a gold mine. Travel brands know this, as they extensively use end-to-end email marketing platforms to keep customers informed and interested with good offers and quality content. A customer who sent an email to your website is probably more interested than a random customer, and so is more likely to share and link things which will improve your SEO rankings. Look to develop your email marketing strategy with personalized emails as soon as possible.

There are of course other things you can do to attract attention and improve your SEO results, but the fundamental key is attracting interested individuals and holding their attention. Travel brands have proved to be experts in this due to the high competition in their field. What can you do to become an expert in yours?

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