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4 of the Most Incredible Places to Visit In Canada

If you are planning a trip to Canada, you won’t want to miss out on these amazing experiences. It’s a big place, with a lot of wilderness and many cities so make sure you plan your time well and get to see and do everything that you want to. These are the best Places to Visit In Canada.My top four out of all of the amazing places to visit In Canada, there are a few that you should not miss. Take a look at this post to learn.

4 of the Most Incredible Places to Visit In Canada


4 of the Most Incredible Places to Visit In Canada - whistler
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The snow is Whistler is amazing, so you have to go try it out. Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, you’ll find that the slopes are set up well for you, in the most famous ski resort in British Columbia. They get 11 meters of snow on average every year, and you’d be hard pressed to ski the entire 8171 acres they have available up there. It’s a good place for intermediate skiers as over 50% of the runs are geared towards that level. But there are plenty of expert and beginner runs too. If you’d like to stay a little longer than a few weeks, why not do one of the Canada ski instructor courses they run there. Then you can live in Whistler and ski the slopes as your day job. Nice.


4 of the Most Incredible Places to Visit In Canada - toronto
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There is plenty to do in Toronto, and you’ll find all the usual things you would expect to in a bustling capital city. Try out some of the great restaurants like the fancy George’s or how about Smoke Burger for a more informal meal? The culture is not to be sniffed at either in the form of museums such as The Royal Ontario or the Gardiner. Don’t miss out on the famous Casa Loma vintage car collection while you’re there either.

Vancouver is a good Places to Visit In Canada


4 of the Most Incredible Places to Visit In Canada - vancouver
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Vancouver is one of the most visited cities in Canada. It mainly because of the fantastic location, being surrounded by mountains on one side and Lake Ontario on the other. Indulge in some walking or sports on the lake or take a city tour to get acquainted with your surroundings. Check out the Granville Island Public Market for some shopping. Or the spectacular Science World is a great trip to keep the little ones in your party happy. Make sure you make sure go for sushi at least once when staying in Vancouver as being by the lake it’s both reasonably priced and delicious.

Quebec City is a good Places to Visit In Canada

It would be a shame to not visit the French speaking part of Canada on your trip, but be aware there are some linguistic difference from France in Europe. Quebec City is a great destination to soak up some of the French-Canadian atmosphere. With all of its beautiful old architecture, a bike or walking tour is an excellent idea. Further, out you can find Montmorency Falls Park, with waterfalls higher than Niagara. You can also check out some native first nation culture at Wendake and watch some authentic fancy dancing. If you are visiting in winter, expect heavy snowfall and below freezing temperatures. Underground walkways provide shopping and access to other parts of the city in the worst of the weather. But at least in the cold weather, you can book a night in the ice hotel!

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