Four Family Friendly Attractions in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the romantic capital city of Portugal, is one of the most popular European tourist destinations. With its picturesque white sandy beaches, clear blue oceans and stunning old-fashioned buildings around each corner, there is no question as to why so many people love to visit this sunny city. When traveling with a family, it is often difficult to find attractions that are guaranteed to keep every family member entertained. Here are some of the best family friendly attractions in Lisbon that should definitely make it onto your bucket list for your next Portuguese vacation.

Before we are able to start exploring the wonderful streets of Lisbon, it is first important to find the perfect accommodation. Hotels are great, but don’t really offer that family-styled house trip getaway. Alternative accommodation options, such as guesthouses, vacation apartments or cosy lodges present a great way to make that family holiday that much more enjoyable.

Attractions in Lisbon
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Lisbon Zoo
With over 2000 animals calling this zoo their home, you can rest assured that every family member will enjoy spending a good couple of hours appreciating the mesmerizing wildlife that our glorious planet has to offer. Some of the all-time favorites include the extremely rare White Tigers as well as the majestic Mountain Gorillas.

Lisbon Oceanarium
Holding the title as the second largest aquarium in the whole of Europe, with over 8000 different aquatic creatures, the Lisbon Oceanarium is a must see for all animal lovers. One of the main attractions, especially for the thrill seekers, is the chance to spend a night at the aquarium. Stare danger directly in the face as you set up your bed alongside the massive Grey Nurse Shark tank.

Hippotrip Tours
Most young ones roll their eyes and begin to feel instantly bored the second a city bus tour is proposed. Thankfully, this city tour is unlike any other that you have ever seen before. Just when you feel safe sitting back and laughing at the tour guide’s jokes, the nifty amphibious bus takes a turn and darts off straight into the heart of the Tagus River. This land-water amphibious tour is both informative as well as greatly memorable.

Castelo de São Jorge
Like something straight out of a fairy tale kingdom, is the only way to accurately describe this architecturally stunning castle. Who doesn’t love feeling like royalty, standing on the high castle walls, looking down at the beautiful city below. Make sure you have your camera nearby though, the 360 degree views from this castle is definitely postcard-worthy.

Here is how you can get from Lisbon Airport to city.

Last Updated on September 27, 2021

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