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Costa Rican Fried Plantains Recipe – Foodies Delight

Costa Rican Fried Plantains

Costa Rican Fried Plantains Recipe

This is a side dish that Costa Ricans also known as Patacones. This is my husband’s favorite and an extremely typical Latino fix. So, If you’re traveling to Costa Rica, be sure to give it a try.

Costa Ricans love it and always have them in their home, but it is not exclusive to them, you will be able to find it all over Central America. But as part of the Costa Rica cuisine, you should definitely need to give it a try this way!

Plus, it’s super easy to make. Here is a simple how-to make Costa Rican Fried Plantains.

Photo by Fimb

How to cook plantains Costa Rican style?


3 large, very ripe plantains


frying pan
wooden spoon

Cook It Up!

Your goal is to get the plantains as soft as possible. If they aren’t super soft on their own, hit all over them with a wooden spoon to soften them up.

Peel and slice the plantains in 1/2 inch rounds. Fry them in half oil, half margarine at medium heat until golden.

Serve it Up!

Serve right away!

Tell me more about the Costa Rican Fried Plantain.

Here’s the Wikipedia’s Take on it

Add a Pinch of Imagination and a Sprinkle of Creativity! (variations)
Recipe Zaar prefers the green plantain versus the mature one. It’s all a matter of taste. I find that the mature ones are sweeter. Tried

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