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Food On A Cruise Ship And Everything You Need To Know About It

One thing I highly recommend before taking a cruise. Stop eating. This way when you arrive there you can literally become the gluttonous creature we all dream of becoming. And trust me, on a cruise you can sooo easily do this. It’s almost 24 hours. You will always find something to eat and something from the best food cities around the globe. No matter what you can think of, they will have it. And in huge quantities. And food from all over the world.

So go crazy!

Food On A Cruise

This was our favorite buffet. It had the most variety and was open all day and if you got seats by the windows, amazing views.

By the way, it was on the 9th floor. And there were still three more floors to visit.

Food on a Cruise Ship

We decided to venture out and try other dining rooms at times.

food room on a cruise

And if the main dining rooms were closed, we had the pleasure of many small cafes, pizza joints and other places to indulge in.

small cafes inside a big cruise

For dinner we didn’t have choices of where to eat. This was the one designated place. And you could eat everything on the menu and if it wasn’t enough, you can head to the 9th floor one. Which, I’m ashamed to admit it, we did more times than we should.

dinning room in a cruise

And between meals there are snacks.

auto serving ice cream in a cruise

With all the food in the world to choose from, this was my baby’s food of choice. For. The. Whole. Trip.

kid eating in a cruise

Our elegant dining room. It really was beyond words.

elegant and main dinning room of the cruise

Dinner was our favorite time. Our waiter was so awesome. He was really talented. A magician and a musician.

dinning table in a cruise

Food on a Cruise Ship

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