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Follow the Grape Vines and Road Lines: All About America’s Scenic Wine Tours

Wine has become a very popular drink of choice in the United States. What may have been looked upon by the masses as a drink for the upper class, or, at the very least, those connoisseurs who know everything about wine, has quickly become an accessible and fun drink that people from all walks of life enjoy.Top four areas in the USA to visit for amazing wine tours.In this article, you will find information about the Wineries of the US.

The best part about wine in America is that there are many regions across the country where you can experience the deep reds and crisp whites that are as different from each other as the states are themselves. There are plenty of “wine tours” that wind through nearly every state that wine drinkers of all walks of life can travel and enjoy. Here are some of the trails that you may be interested in.

Wine Tours

All About America’s Scenic Wine Tours

Napa Valley

The Napa Valley region of California is by the far the most famous and recognizable wine region in the country. Films have been made about it and it is home to over 400 wineries that include tasting rooms, so there will be no shortage of vintages you can try if you make it out that way.

Napa Valley is located just north of San Francisco and boasts some of the most famous wineries in the country, including the iconic Robert Mondavi winery and Beaulieu Vineyards. Wineries like these are very popular and their tasting rooms are large, so even when there are a lot of wine tourists, you can partake in the reds and whites that you like.

There are also plenty of smaller vineyards scattered through the region that you can visit to get away from the large crowds. You can visit boutique wineries, wineries that have been in continuous operation for over 100 years and even wineries dedicated to sparkling white wines, which are like champagne.

Wine tours in Missouri

Missouri may not strike you as a state known for wine, but it is actually a very historical wine region. In the late 19th century, there was a root disease that destroyed many crops across the country, but Missouri has vines that were resistant to the disease and helped fight off a wine shortage.

Today, there are around 100 operating wineries throughout the state. One of the best wine trails to try is the Hermann Wine Trail, which runs for nearly 20 miles along the banks of the Missouri River. There are seven vineyards along the trail, each with their own vintages and styles, so you can have a great experience that is filled with different varieties.

Each vineyard is family owned, so you won’t run into any large operations that you may somewhere else.

For more information on the trail, visit


Wine tours in Western Colorado

The vineyards perched high in the Rockie Mountains of Western Colorado are some of the highest in the world, ranging from four thousand to seven thousand feet. This elevation contributes to grapes that are rich in sugars, so you can find some high-alcohol content in the wines produced there.

The Grand Valley Wine Trail in Grand Junction winds through 55 miles of the Rockies and has 18 wineries to visit. The region is used to wine tourism, so there are plenty of motels, hotels and beds and breakfasts to make your travels comfortable. There are several award-winning vineyards, but Plum Creek Cellars is perhaps one the most popular.

You can try many different vintages throughout the region, including caber nets — both red and white — malbecs, chardonnays and sauvignon blanks. There’s something for every type of palate.

Wine tours in Pennsylvania

The large state of Pennsylvania is home to over 14,000 acres of vineyards and 100 wineries. It ranks fourth in the nation in number of grapes grown and eighth in terms of total wine produced. There are also 12 different wine trails spread all across the state, so no matter where you visit, you should be able to find a nice glass of the wine of your choice.

The Brandy wine Valley Trail runs 60 miles through the southern part of the state and has seven different wineries to visit, which range from the relatively new (2008) to the turn of the 19th century. The climate is very suitable for wine making and you can find many different varietals.

In the north, there are 20 wineries along the Lake Erie Wine Trail, which winds into New York as well. You will find the wine here substantially different than that in the south due to the Great Lakes effect on the grapes.

Check out some of these wine trails if you’re in the area.

Elizabeth Bartlett is a retired teacher who now spends her days painting, writing and traveling. She enjoys taking road trips and visiting wineries and unique eateries as well as sitting in the sun reading.

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