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Flying Just Got Cheaper and Easier for Nashville Residents

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After months of mostly staying home, airports are open again! Not everything is the same, and, actually, some things got better. 

Let’s check out a few ways that Nashville residents can save big money on their next trip.

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Drive Your Own Vehicle to the Airport

Historically, airport parking in Nashville and really everywhere else was sky-high to the point where it was cheaper to take an Uber or a cab. Today, that’s no longer the case.

A new model lets Nashville residents save big by driving their own car to the airport. All they need to do is go online before and reserve a parking spot at a lot adjacent to the airport. When you arrive, show the attendant your reservation, then park your vehicle and jump aboard the free shuttle to your terminal.

Word to the wise: save your receipt for the way back, so you can take the shuttle on the return trip back to your car. Such a model takes advantage of underused land near the airport, liberates people from depending on other drivers, and lets you enjoy the familiarity and comfort of your own car. Look for a platform that gives you reward points on each trip, so you can save even more.

Pack a Meal

Nobody knows what you like to eat better than you do. Bringing your own meals and snacks to the airport is a great way to save some money and eat better. Pack as much food as you can eat.

You won’t have to worry about triggering any allergies, and you can make it as nutritious as you’d like. Airport food tends to be expensive because it’s in an isolated environment, meaning costs are higher, and they know travelers don’t have many choices to eat elsewhere.

Take charge and bring your own food.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

If you already have what you need to stay entertained during your flight, don’t accidentally forget to pack it. Whether it’s music, a movie, or your favorite book, you want to take advantage of the free time on the flight by entertaining yourself.

Even if the airport does sell what you forgot, you don’t want to buy it twice. Make a list before you begin packing, and check things off as you pack them. Being methodical and proactive helps ensure you bring everything you need.

Plus, most airports stock the latest magazines, but they don’t really have a ton of selection in the way of literature. Get that movie pre-downloaded and cued up on your device, or use whatever else from home to stay entertained.

Flying is one of the great privileges of the modern world. Every day, people make trips through the sky that used to take days or weeks. Keep the above tips in mind, and your next flight out of Nashville will be that much smoother and more affordable.

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  1. Hi! Great News!
    I, however, could not find the web site to Park the Car using this new cheaper service. Yes, Parking has been too expensive, untl now, and this article is great news!

    Please, Can I have more info on HOW to Park in BNA? Thanks

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