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Flying as an Electronic Cigarette User

While you may have the freedom to use your e-cigarette as you please in your home or car, you must be aware there are restrictions involved when you plan on travelling via plane. Paying particular attention to these rules and regulations can make your flight that bit easier. It is a known fact that flying can be stressful, particularly if you have young children with you or if you generally do not enjoy the experience. This is why making your life as easy as possible can be beneficial, and also save you time on getting to the aircraft and out to your destination on the other side.

Airline Security e-cigarettes


You may have a detailed list of the items that you need to pack for both yourself and your family. This can be tricky, particularly if you need to take heavy items with you and are struggling to adhere to the weight limits for your hold luggage. Thankfully, your electronic cigarette and its accessories should be stored in your hand luggage (see this site for more info) which can help you free up both some space and weight within your main suitcase. All electronic cigarettes, spare batteries, coils, and even liquids should be kept together in the bag you will carry on to the aircraft with you. While you may decide to put liquids in your suitcase instead, at the very least your device and batteries should be left on your person as per aircraft rules.


Going through security can be a long and tedious process, especially considering that average wait times can be anywhere from 10 minutes, or more at particularly busy times. To make this process quicker, you can ensure that you have your items at the ready. While it is fairly common knowledge to remove your shoes, belt, hat, and coat before stepping through, there are also rules in place for your bag. Many people understand that they must remove their phone from their bag or pocket, and place it in the tray, however, it is also a requirement for you to take your e-cig out of your bag and also keep it in the tray, should you be asked to do so. Completing the security check as per their rules can really help to shorten your time here, and cut down any delays for those behind you in the queue.

On the Plane

Just as you would not smoke on an aircraft, you must also not use your electronic cigarette while on board. You also cannot charge it during your flight, so it is best to keep it in your bag out of sight. Your holiday could be forfeited, and you and the rest of your party escorted off the plane should you break these basic rules.

Travelling with your electronic cigarette does not need to be a complicated process. By looking into the regulations and making sure that you follow them, you can help yourself make your journey easier, and keep yourself on the right side of the law.

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