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Fly the Stress Away

You have been working solid for months and have been planning your holiday for longer. Everything you do and think is dominated by that one thought, you boarding the plane and leaving all your troubles behind you. You know that once you arrive you can completely let your hair down, enjoy good food, beautiful surroundings and complete relaxation. However, this may not always be the case. Sadly for some, boarding the plane, arriving at the Hotel and using the facilities has been far from relaxing. Here are some tips so that you can unwind and leave all your cares behind you while traveling.

Take it all in your stride!

The airport can be exciting and exhilarating. But often we get very frustrated by long queues, check in staff, baggage weigh in’s and body searches. Don’t let the x-ray machine spoil your holiday! If we prepare our mind for those things and remember it’s all part of the trip. New experiences and challenges along the way. Make sure you prepare your luggage so it is not overweight and that your hand luggage fits into the required measurements of the airline. Preparation is the key to relaxation! Take things slowly and make sure you have plenty of time to get to the airport, check in and have a rest between getting there and boarding the flight.

Book an Airport Hotel!

If you have an early morning flight, take some of the stress away by staying at a nearby Hotel for the night. Not only is it easier to get to the Airport from there, the stay in the hotel really extends your holiday. Look for bargains online and get the best price for luxury hotels to make it a real treat.

Use an Airport Lounge!

Airports offer pay to enter lounges where you can enjoy beverages and snacks in a comfortable and stress free setting. These are not just for business travellers but can be used by any traveller willing to pay. Children under the age of 12 are usually not permitted to access the lounges so this may not be suitable for some families. If you have a bit of a flight phobia, booking into the lounge could reduce your stress dramatically as it takes the mind away from the flight and onto the enjoyment of the moment!  Prices can vary but are from £17 a person.

Use a Travel Concierge Service!

Concierge service companies, such as can help you plan the perfect holiday and put together a package that is completely suited to your needs. They use only reputable Airlines, Hotels and companies so you can be reassured that you will have the best of times once you arrive at the airport and thereon. They help you every step of the way while you can sit back and enjoy the holiday. They arrange all the needed transfers via plane and car, most offering private car bookings for all transfers. Even the little things that matter can be covered by the Concierge Service such as booking a meal in an exquisite restaurant and finding places for you to visit while on holiday. This can really and truly help you to fly the stress away!

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