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Florida Road Trip: Top 7 Where Should You Stay

Many tourists head to Florida to witness the tropical weather and pristine beaches. Others might want to head on an adventure and check the national parks. No matter what your preferences are, you will find something that will suit your taste. Florida is probably one of the best road trips in the United States. There are so many stops on your road trip that you can make. Icon Brickell is located in the center of Brickell, where you can walk to any of the restaurants and shops within 30 minutes. If you prefer to be in nature, you can stay near the Crystal River Preserve park

Depending on your journey, you can take so many stops. Here are the best places where you should stay!

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Florida Road Trip: Top 7 Where Should You Stay

Top 7 Places to Stay on a Florida Road Trip

Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs is a location highly popular with locals. It is considered a hidden local gems, so there won’t be many tourists here. This means that you can enjoy the place without the crowds. There are a total of seven springs that you can enjoy if you find the sight of water very relaxing. You can dive in the crystal clear waters and observe the turtles and fish. You can kayak and enjoy the water here.

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Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring

The evaporation from the hot water is what gave this spring the famous name. The spring is an excellent opportunity for the ones that love to dive. This is a highly popular place for diving since the ’90s, so if you are a big diving fan, make sure that you don’t miss it. 

Crystal River Preserve State Park

This place is perfect for nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventure lovers. The large park spreads over 27,500 acres and features mangrove islands, salt lakes, and beautiful forests. You can ride a bike and enjoy the scenery, or relax by bird watching. You can also go kayaking in the Three Sisters Springs or enjoy other water activities. Hiking is another popular activity, as you can witness the lovely nature. You can swim in the clear watts together with a manatee, a type of aquatic mammal that lives here. 


Tampa is a city with a mix of culture, art, and history, so Tampa is a fun place to visit. Whether you want to enjoy the city vibes or escape into nature, you can find the thing that works for you. Even foodies will be amazed, as Tampa is known for its diversity of cuisines. You can take a boat tour over Tampa Bay and spot some dolphins. If you prefer the beach, head to Clearwater Beach. The white powdery sand will amaze you, but don’t forget to visit the aquarium too. 

Bok Tower Gardens

The Signing Tower, together with the lush gardens, is a perfect place to visit. There is a rare musical instrument inside the tower, which plays a concert twice a day. You can stroll around the garden and enjoy the diversity of flora and decorative statues. 


If you head to Orlando, keep in mind that you will need at least 2 or 3 days to visit the top sights there. You can visit the amusement parks, nature preserves, or go for a shopping spree in one of the malls. Don’t miss visiting Disney park, as it is a world-famous spot. 


Don’t miss visiting the glamorous city of Miami. You can stay in one of those luxurious seafront condos to get a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle. Don’t forget to walk along the shore and spend some time sunbathing at Miami Beach. You can enjoy a good meal in the Bayside Marketplace while enjoying the spectacular views. 

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