Flores Island, Guatemala – The Colorful Island City by Tikal

Flores Island in Guatemala

guatemala, Flores Island welcome arcThe Island of Flores is one of those super adorable cities in Guatemala that can’t be missed if you’re visiting the Tikal Mayan ruins. You can learn a lot about Tikal and its facts right there.  As a matter, I fully recommend that this is the place you stay at rather than the National Park of Tikal simply because it’s sooo damn cute and colorful with guaranteed great views of Itza Lake!

One thing to be warned about, bring as little clothes as possible because it is SO HOT!

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We took a 4-day trip up north to visit this cute little city with our son and also head over to Tikal, where my husband and I met 9 years ago while camping next to each other.

The city is like a little gingerbread city, tiny, walkable in about 10 minutes from one end to the other, if you don’t suffocate to death from over heating.

color street in flores island guatemala

Plus, the views of the lake are amazing, and almost all hotels have great views.

itza lake, flores island in GuatemalaThe best time to truly enjoy this town would be early in the morning around sunrise before the scorching heat gets you or around sunset.

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But take my advice and don’t miss this precious gem if you’re in the Peten Department!

Last Updated on August 14, 2023

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