Flor de Lis, Guatemala City: A Mayan Cuisine Experience


Flor de Lis Restaurant in Guatemala City: A Mayan Cuisine Experience

mayan food on a table at flor de lis guatemala city

I am always on the lookout for an incredibly unique dining experience and Flor de Lis came on my radar several times, and it is literally a whole experience to be had. The whole theme of the restaurant is the experience of the true Mayan bible, The Popol Vuh, I’m not going to get into explaining exactly what it is but the whole idea of the food and its 8 or 10 courses surrounding the Mayan deities and about the Mayan food, the importance of Mayan cuisine and also brought into this creative artistic birth to you. It’s unbelievable. Today I’m going to review Flor de Lis restaurant in Guatemala city.

Where is Flor de Lis located?

It’s located in cuatro grados norte, which is a really cool and trendy neighborhood, and it is in a really cool little place. You could go and eat there and then maybe afterward go and walk around the little neighborhood and get another drink somewhere. It’s not just going to that one restaurant.

mayan dish on a table at flor de lis restaurant

Flor de Lis Restaurant

You do need to make reservations. It is definitely on the pricey side. But it is so worth the money because it’s like an entire experience. When you first enter, you can order different drinks and then the courses begin.

Food Experience

Each course has a story that either the waiter or the chef comes out and tells you about, and each one is prepared in this super unique manner. 

They first bring out the ceramic bowl where they have this charcoal and still fiery and the food that they bring you these two little balls, well I don’t want to give it away this food, and it’s still cooking right there in front of you. They offer either vegetarian or the regular fare which does have meat and fish. But we are vegetarians, so we have the vegetarian fare.

woman eating authentic mayan food at flor de lis guatemala

They just have so many different courses and each one has its own way of being present, to the point where there’s one time they bring you this clay mask, and you have to kiss the mask to eat the mango from it. So every moment it’s got this uniqueness factor to it. 

man eating mayan food from a mask at flor de list restaurant


I really highly recommend this experience. You’ll also learn a little about the Mayan bible and about the Mayan food and cuisine, but truly done in an incredibly artistic way. If there was a Michelin star rating for Guatemala, this restaurant would be one of the tops by far. So guys, if you have a chance go and check this restaurant out. Another fun restaurant you need to try is Nais Aquarium Restaurant, yes an aquarium!

a couple sitting around a table at flor de lis restaurant

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Last Updated on June 2, 2023

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