Flagler Steakhouse: Best Steakhouse in West Palm Beach

My father turned 70 years old this past year. This is an important date and one that should be celebrated with loved ones. Since my family and I live in Central America and my brother lives in Boston, we weren’t able to meet up with my parents to celebrate. However, each year we have a family reunion at my parent’s house in West Palm Beach, and my brother and I decided it was time to take our papa out in style. We took advantage of my family and me staying at The Breakers Palm Beach and treat my dad to a fabulous time. We visited Flagler Steakhouse!

The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida - Flagler Steakhouse - family reunion

Flagler Steakhouse At The Breakers

Celebrating 70 Years in Style

I’ll be honest with you, I am not a steak connoisseur, and actually, I was a vegetarian at one point for twelve years. But I do know my parents have visited some of the best steak houses from New York City to Argentina and many in between. So it would take a lot to please my parents.

Flagler Steakhouse was our top choice.

Our Dinner at Flagler Steakhouse

Our Steakhouse adventure and dining – warning photos will make you drool!

Even though I don’t know steaks, I have been to several steakhouses before.  And one thing I realized was that the waiter is almost as important as the food the restaurant is serving.  Whenever we visited steak restaurants in the past, most waiters barely knew the difference between a Sirloin dry aged steak. Our waiter, at Flagler, was brilliant. He knew every cut of meat served. You could also tell that he wasn’t just part of the staff but a frequent patron.

So we took a lot of his recommendations and went with them.

Kids always come first. And when my oldest son saw hot dog on the menu, it was an instant order. When it arrived, none of us could believe the size of it.

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hot dog flagler steakhouse the breakers

My baby kept saying “Soup, Soup, Soup”. So I ordered French Onion Soup (secretly I wanted it as well). It was sooooo full of flavor.

french onion soup flagler steakhouse at the breakers

The soup came out the same time as my oldest son’s hot dog with french fries, and it was instantly forgotten.

french fries flagler steakhouse palm beach florida

To be able to get a taste of the majority of meat cuts, we each ordered a different one – mainly because I wanted to be fully educated on good Steaks.

Dry Aged Bone in New York Strip

Dry Aged Bone in New York Strip flagler steakhouse palm beach florida


flagler steakhouse west palm beach T-Bone

Petite Filet Mignon

flagler steakhouse palm beach Petite Filet Mignon

Sliced Filet Mignon, Wild Mushroom Cream

the flagler steakhouse Sliced Filet Mignon, Wild Mushroom Cream

Just because we’re at a steakhouse, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with other yummy options on their menu –  Pan Roasted Chilean Sea Bass, Meyer Lemon Soft Herb Pistou

Pan Roasted Chilean Sea Bass, Meyer Lemon Soft Herb Pistou breakers steakhouse

And of course, we had to try the most common steak side – Creamed Spinach with Butter Crumble

Creamed Spinach with Butter Crumble breakers flagler steakhouse

Dessert is just as important as the main meals – especially when you have kids at your side

ice cream fun flagler steakhouse

Having fun with uncles and eating is part of the experience

feed me flagler steakhouse

But adults get to enjoy some too – even though we live in Central America – the birthplace of Tres Leches – this was the BEST one I have ever had. I am now completely spoiled in eating Tres Leches at home again.

tres leches flagler restaurant palm beach

Having fun with Grandma – the bonus of dining with grandparents – they like to play silly games

fun with grandma at flagler steakhouse

Information for Visiting the Flagler Steakhouse

Definitely make reservations. The place gets packed.

The restaurant is not on the same property as the hotel, but part of the golf and tennis club across the street. You can either walk over, drive over, or have the free shuttle take you there.

Flagler Steakhouse – Great Place for a Family Reunion – Review

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

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  1. All the food looks good, and lucky you had such a knowledgeable waiter! Looks like it was a great family reunion!

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