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Top 3 Fjord Cities You Have To Visit in Norway

Norway is a country that is perfect for any person that loves nature, besides being one of the best countries to live in. While it may not be that great for the person that wants to be on the first camping trip ever because of the harsher conditions, those that do have a little bit of experience will want to visit the fjords. This is a certainty. They are so stunning that you will want to see them at least once in your life. Check out this blog post to find the names and information of three cities in the Fjord region of Norway.

The only problem is that there are so many fjord cities in Norway that it will be quite tough to choose what to actually visit. We are going to help you by mentioning some of the most popular, according to what tourists from all around the world are saying. Consider the locations and see what is great for fulfilling your personal needs. Also, you should that Svart Hotel in Norway is one of the most futuristic places to visit, you should take a look at it!

3 Fjord Cities to Visit when You Travel to Norway


Travel to Norway
Photo by: BryggenBergen

Bergen is locally known as the gateway to the Norwegian fjords. It is located right between Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord, is a culture-filled city and a wonderful location to start trips towards scenic attractions in the country. You can do so many things in this city. For instance, you can visit Hanseatic Bryggen wharf, an official UNESCO World Heritage spot.

Bergen’s cultural scene is really well-developed. You have many activities available for tourists, including children, and are faced with an overall pedestrian-friendly city center. There are 7 mounts that are nearby and that basically surround Bergen. If you want to, you can choose to visit one at a time, giving you a great one-week-long vacation to experience. Make sure that you also experience some of the local cuisines.


Stavanger harbour 01.jpg

Photo by: Stavanger harbour 01

This city is surrounded by fertile, green coastal landscapes. It is really close to the highly dramatic Lysefjord. Many of the local regions are actually renowned in the entire continent, which is one thing that many do not actually know. There are many charming shopping streets and old wooden houses you will love, all surrounded by a really cosmopolitan and modern city.

You can easily use Stavanger as your starting point for trips to Mount Kjerag, Preikestolen, and Lysefjord. Those that travel with children will want to visit the Kongeparken amusement park, which is the biggest of all the parks in Fjord Norway. In the event that you love museums, you can choose out of many, highlighting a lot about Viking history and even modern oil production. If you love the beach, you just have to move out of the city to get some great surfing conditions.


Alesund is spectacular. It is close to where Sunnmore meets the sea and the city has a really interesting, long history. It is renowned for the Art Nouveau architecture present in the city center. This area was actually rebuilt after it was ravaged by the 1904 fire. You can use this city as a starting point for various experiences and activities. You just need one hour from the city center to reach the ocean, the fjords and island communities. Some tourists even use Alesund as a starting point toward Sunnmore Alps.

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