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5 Unconventional Places To Snorkel Around the World

If you love snorkeling, you might be looking for something a little different to the traditional coral reefs, packed with tropical fish. While snorkeling in the usual locations may be a lot of fun, the world’s water systems have a lot more to offer than the standard snorkeling underwater experience. Why not try something a little more unusual the next time you head off on vacation?Five of the best unconventional places to snorkel around the world and what makes them so special.Learn the names of places to snorkel.

If you’re looking for more unconventional Places To Snorkel from your next snorkeling experience, here are five places you should head to for your next snorkeling trip.

Places To Snorkel Arond the World

5 Unconventional Places To Snorkel

Grenada – Under Water Museum

You may have heard about MUSA, the sculpture park underwater which lies just outside snorkeling experience in Cancun. However, there re other sculpture parks out there made by the very same artist, Jason deCaires Taylor. One is just off Grenada’s coastline and was created to serve a very important function. When Hurricane Ivan destroyed Moliniere Bay’s ecosystem in 2004, Taylor created this 65-piece sculpture underwater garden to try to repair that ecosystem. Now, pink sponges can be found growing on human-sized statues, tiny fish swim between art works and life has come back to Moliniere Bay. This is a truly unforgettable snorkeling spot.

Palau- Rock Island

You might never have heard of Palau, but this makes the location even more intriguing. Located in the South Pacific, Palau has a particularly fascinating lake which lies on Eil Malk Island. Teeming with jellyfish, this lake is actually very safe to swim in since the moon and golden jellyfish who live here can no longer sting. You can experience the rare event of swimming with jellies in a truly spectacular environment.

Manitoba, Canada – Churchill River

If you’re sick of warm water snorkeling, it could be time to try something completely different by heading to some of the world’s coldest waters for snorkeling. You’ll be amazed by this destination. When the ice has broken up in Hudson Bay, about 3000 beluga whales go to Churchill River in search of warm water. You can only get to this area by using the train service and you’ll need to wear a wet suit, booties and hood which are rated for use in the Arctic. However, once you’ve experienced swimming next to these amazing creatures, you’ll remember it for life. You’ll have only an hour in the icy water, so enjoy it to the max.

Mexico – Mayan Riviera

Although there are some amazing reefs in Mexico, known for their beautifully clear water, you won’t find the Yucatan Peninsula among them. It was once the home of the ancient Mayans and they obtained their water from underground cenotes. These giant holes were worn into limestone and stored rainwater. Snorkelers today can go to see those cenotes. You’ll be amazed by how clear the water is, allowing you to see to the very bottom, and there are also underground rivers to explore, with narrow passages and stalagmites leading into huge limestone rooms. Although some of the cenotes require scuba gear if you want to get to the bottom, others are perfectly suited to snorkelers. Make sure that you have a really good snorkeling mask with you which allows you to see as far down as possible into the cenotes giving you the great visibility that you need to really enjoy this amazing and unique environment.

Dominica – Champagne Reef

If you’ve ever sipped a glass of sparkling champagne and wondered how it would feel to snorkel in it, Domenica has a very similar experience to offer you. Although the reef is a standard Caribbean ecosystem, its name comes from the geothermal vents nearby which can be snorkeled over. These vents are constantly throwing up streams of small bubbles which heat up the water and cling to the skin, making it feel like you’re swimming in warm champagne. Beautiful!

These are just five of the most unusual snorkeling destinations in the world that you should definitely explore. Whether you’re new to snorkeling or whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler with years of experience in the water, you’re sure to appreciate the amazing experiences that any of these five places can afford and you’ll remember these five unique environments for many more years to come.

Enjoy your next snorkeling vacation!

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