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Fitness Tracker for All Levels – Review Smart Band

fitness tracker - Smart Band review

Here’s the thing. My husband and kids have taken to mountain biking as their primary mode of fitness and training. Since I am not a fan of going down crazy trails, I was feeling left out.

But not for long. My love has always been walking, speed walking mainly.

With my husband being hot on my trail to train as hard as he does with his newest fancy heart rate monitors and fat counters. I was tired of borrowing his and decided to dip my feet in to the smart band world myself.

My first gadget – The Smart Band from E Tronic Edge.

For someone who can barely figure out how to use my gmail app on my iPhone, I must admit this toy is super easy to use and incredible useful (and inspiring) for my daily speed walks.

I recommend watching the video how to use properly. But here are a few bullet features that the Smart Band comes with.

  • Track your heart rate
  • Steps taken
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Active minutes
  • Monitor that tracks how much you sleep
  • Sync your information with your phone
  • Taking photos on your phone

Video – How to Use the Smart Band Fitness Tracker

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