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Prepare for the 2023 Fishing Season in Minnesota

While the winter season may be something that some travelers embrace and can’t wait to take advantage of in terms of sports, recreation, and location, those who love to fish, are busy counting down the days until fishing season is open across the full country. Although there are destinations within the US that offer fishing year-round, they may not be convenient to travel to, and they may not be the type of fishing you enjoy, such as cold water and ice-fishing. Three things that you need to know if you are planning to prepare for a Fishing Season in Minnesota. Learn about Fishing Season in Minnesota.

Minnesota is well-known for its robust and exciting fishing season, but the unofficial start of the walleye, pike, and bass season is still months away, taking place from May 15, 2021. So, why not take this time to prepare and ensure you’re ready for the opening weekend? Here are some tips and steps you can take during the winter months.

Fishing Season in Minnesota
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3 Tips to Prepare for the 2022 Fishing Season in Minnesota

Book Accommodations in Minnesota

One of the best ways to enjoy the start of fishing season in Minnesota is to book a trip to the area to ensure you get a few days’ worths of fun. With that said, the Minnesota fishing opener 2021 for walleye, pike, and bass is already expected to be a very busy time based on previous years, so booking accommodations well in advance is recommended.

Ideally, you want to find accommodations that are either right on a lake that offers fishing, or very nearby. This means you won’t have to spend time traveling around; instead, you’ll get all that time for fishing.

Familiarize Yourself with the Fish Available

This is also a great time to familiarize yourself with the type of fish available in the Minnesota area. This will determine the gear you pack and use, so again, it’s all about that advanced planning. Some of the most common fish to find in Minnesota include walleye, northern pike, panfish, large and smallmouth bass. What this means is that you’ve got shallow water fishing and deep-water fishing, again helping you to determine what kind of gear, lures, and baits you’ll need.

As the season progresses and the weather warms up, this can change up the gear you pack, so it’s important to also base it on the season.

Purchase Your Minnesota Fishing License

In order to fish in Minnesota, anyone over the age of 16 will need to purchase a fishing license. For those who plan on traveling to Minnesota a few times in the span of a year, an annual license offers a better deal rather than purchasing a short-term license each time. For those who live in Minnesota, the majority of state parks allow you to do so without a license.

The best plan is to take a look at the Department of Natural Resources website for all the details regarding fishing licenses. Keep in mind that if you plan on fishing for salmon, trout, or sturgeon, there is an added cost.

Even though the start of the Minnesota fishing season is still many months away, that time will fly, and before you know it, the spring weather will be here and the fishing season will be opening up.

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