FishAngler vs Fishbrain: Which Fishing App Is Better?

As an avid angler, you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your favorite hobby more enjoyable. For example, while you’re interested in downloading a fishing app like FishAngler or Fishbrain, you’re not sure which one is the best fishing app for you and your angling needs. To help you decide which is the best fishing app to try, let’s take a closer look at both of these fishing apps and compare the similarities and differences.

FishAngler Offers Tons of Great Features—All for Free

When it comes to using an app to become a better fisher, it’s hard to beat FishAngler. The app offers a number of user-friendly features, including the ability to find new fishing spots with the help of the app’s interactive fishing maps.

FishAngler also offers exclusive seven-day, real-time marine forecasting, with information on upcoming winds, waves, and water temperatures. Checking this data as you plan your next fishing trip will help you to head out during the best times to catch fish.

For newer anglers, the app also offers bait recommendations for the specific types of fish that live in your area and/or where you plan to fish. Then, as you catch fish, you can track and organize them with the assistance of over 45 catch attributes like what gear you used. And, if you want to share your awesome fishing haul with others, you can use the app to do just that, too.

Speaking of sharing with others, one reason FishAngler is used by millions of anglers and has earned a well-deserved reputation as the best fishing app is that you can connect with other anglers both in your area and around the world. You can create or join a group and have conversations with people who share your passion for angling.

While you might understandably think that you have to pay for all of these features, here’s some great news: FishAngler is totally free. You don’t have to hassle with monthly fees or commit to a subscription—you simply download the app onto your smartphone and start using it right away, no money required.

Fishbrain App Provides Accurate Data and More—For a Fee

The Fishbrain fishing app is also used by millions of fishers, and it does offer some of the same features as the FishAngler app. For instance, both apps include GPS maps of fishing waters, and you can use the handy fish identification data in the logbook to determine what you caught on any particular day.

Both fishing apps also feature an angler newsfeed, as well as business pages that can help you determine where to shop for new fishing gear.

Fishbrain also offers information on catch locations, the seven-day weather forecast, and other helpful features—but for a fee. To get access to this data and virtually everything else FishAngler offers at no cost, you will have to upgrade the app to Fishbrain Pro, which is $9.99 a month of $74.99 a year. The same is true for getting to connect with other anglers; you can do it with Fishbrain, but only if you pay for the upgrade.

FishAngler Is the Clear Winner

Both the FishAngler and Fishbrain apps are high-quality apps that are used by millions of anglers, but when it comes to naming the best fishing app, FishAngler is the clear winner. As a free alternative to Fishbrain, you can experience all of the positive features of the app without having to pay one dime.

You can find the app on both iOS and Android

Last Updated on May 4, 2023

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