Finding the Best OTF Pocket Knife

There’s no shortage of pocket knives in the United States. Heck, almost 36 million households around the country own one! However, of all the different models, designs, and styles out there, one knife stands out from the rest.With the wide range of quality and cost it is important that you do the proper research in tracking down the best OTF pocket knife for you.

The OTF pocket knife (AKA an ‘out-the-front’ knife, better-known as a switchblade).

Popularised and demonized by gangster movies of the 1950s, these blades hold a special status in the nation’s psyche. Far from their oft-perceived role in criminal activity, though, they’re useful knives to own, popular items to collect, and a whole lot of fun to boot!

OTF pocket knife

Nevertheless, finding the right switchblades in Ohio for your needs can be a challenge. With so much variety in their designs, features, and price tags, picking one OTF knife over another isn’t easy.

Are you looking to buy a brand new switchblade and want some help with the hunt? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for our top tips on finding the best OTF knife possible.

5 Tips for Finding the Best OTF Pocket Knife

Think About Function First

The first step to finding the perfect pocket knife is to consider the function you need it to serve. In other words, what tasks do you have in mind for it?

Maybe you’re an avid collector who’s desperate for a new addition to your current switchblade assemblage. You may have no intention of using the knife per se. You simply want a beautiful blade to add to the collection and admire from afar.

Perhaps you plan to keep it in your handbag for self-defense situations. Or maybe you just need a small, lightweight, one-handed utility knife to use for everyday tasks. You need a robust mechanism and durable blade that won’t let you down.

Whatever the case, recognizing your needs will help you find the right OTF knife to satisfy them. You’ll know the jobs your new knife will be doing, which means you can pick one with an appropriate set of attributes.

Understand the Law

It’s important to appreciate the legality of switchblades as well. Remember those gangster movies we talked about in the intro? Well, thanks to the media hype around these knives that sprang up at the same time, laws were brought in to tackle the ‘problem’.

The Switchblade Act of 1958 made it illegal for everyday individuals to bring these knives into the country and sell them across state lines. However, it’s worth noting that this law no longer applies to assisted-opening knives (those that use manual force to release the blade instead of a spring-loaded mechanism). For all others, it’s against the law to ship between states.

Furthermore, some states in the US have outlawed them altogether! In places such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, it’s illegal to sell, own and carry OTF blades. Make sure you know the law in your state (and any that you’re traveling through) before buying and/or carrying a switchblade.

The Knife Action

Let’s fast forward and assume that you’re living in a state where buying and carrying switchblades is permitted. It’s time to decide which type of OTF knife action is right for your needs.

There are two primary styles to choose from: single and double.

Single action switchblades are opened at the push of a button but are retracted via a manual mechanism. A dual action OTF knife has a button that both opens and withdraws the blade. As you’d expect, there are pros and cons to both.

With fewer moving parts, single-action knives tend to be a more reliable and cheaper option. However, they lack the convenience of double-action alternatives and are slightly more dangerous too. Ultimately, the best switchblade style for you comes down to personal preference.

The Size

Size matters are far as knives are concerned. After all, you need a blade that’s fit for purpose! It has to be big and sturdy enough to cut, slash, and slice through anything you need it to.

The size of your switchblade also makes a difference from a legal perspective though.

For example, a mini OTF knife might be small enough to bypass the ban in your state. In other words, the blade might be so tiny that the law no longer applies to it! By the same token, in states that have restrictions on switchblades instead of blanket bans, the length of some OTF blades may exceed what you’re allowed to carry.

Once again, always qualify the legality of OTF pocket knives in your state before buying one. You’ll save yourself time, money, hassle, and heartache as a result.

The Cost

It’s important to pay attention to the price tag of OTF knives as well. Now, the goal (as always) is to find a knife that falls in budget without sacrificing on quality.

However, there are a few price-related points that are worth mentioning here. The first thing to note is that switchblades, as a general rule, are more expensive than other knives. Why?

Because the mechanisms inside them are complicated! They require high-end materials and workmanship to deliver a safe and functional end-result. Both of those factors combine and the price goes up accordingly.

Furthermore, it’s in your interest to pay a premium on these products. As you’d expect, higher prices deliver higher quality. More importantly, with a razor-sharp blade and a spring mechanism in play, the last thing you want is a substandard knife in your pocket.

Spending more than you might have intended will deliver a safer and longer-lasting switchblade.

Time to Choose the Best Possible OTF Pocket Knife

With so many different makes, models, and options available, picking the perfect OTF pocket knife isn’t easy. It’s hard to know what you need, which knife is best, and how much to spend.

Know the struggle? Well, with any luck, the information in this post will come in handy. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be the proud owner of a brand new switchblade in no time.

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Last Updated on May 14, 2023

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