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How To Find A the Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

Whether you want to play 9 or 18 holes, you need to have the best golf equipment. That is what a beginner should focus on. You know a lot about the game and do not view it as the ball and the stick game, but something sophisticated, and it is sophisticated. It is a game for people who look up to legends and want to become one.Information that you need to be able to locate the best golf drivers for beginners.Here you will find all info about best golf drivers.

Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

The first thing among the accessories the beginners need to concentrate on is the best driver for beginners. With the game becoming more and more popular among the masses nowadays compared to what it was before, there are various brands that have filled the market with a lot of variants of the golf drivers. Which one to choose is difficult and important at the same time for a beginner. Here are a few tips with the most intricate details to get you started.

If you understand the sticks in the golfers bag are not sticks, bait or a bat, but are ‘golf clubs‘, you may also know that there are different types of golf clubs like the woods, iron, wedges, putter and hybrid in the bag a golfer carries on the golf course.

Woods have the largest head among all the golf clubs and are used to play long shots, especially if you are 175 or more yards away from the greens. This is the category of golf clubs that includes the driver. This is also the one used to start the round of golf. Initially you can just carry one driver that can help you cover the maximum distance. You can get more technical in selecting the best quality golf drivers for yourself as you make progress in understanding the game.

You should consider these points before you go to buy the golf driver for yourself.

How To Find A the Best Golf Drivers For Beginners


You need not be intrigued about the kind of loft that is used by your favorite professional golfer to fill your bag with one. Instead you should take time to analyze your skills to get one. Determine the speed you swing your driver with. Estimate if you do not have a professional measuring device. Share the swing speed with your local golf equipment store and they will be able to provide you with the most suitable one. If your club-head speed is between 95-104 Mph, a 10 or 11 degree loft would serve the purpose, and if it is between 105 and 115 mph you should consider a loft between 7 and 9 degrees.

Head shape

The ground rule is every golfer needs to select a driver that feels more comfortable while swinging. The driver heads come in both square and round shape. Ideally round driver heads are the best option for beginners and unlike square shaped drivers they are least likely to stuck on the turf before you tee off the ball.

Shaft length

Since the length of the shaft affects the club-head speed which in turn affects the degree of the loft you choose for yourself, it is very important to understand the length of the shaft you need. Depending on your priorities, whether you prioritize accuracy or distance you will have to decide the length for yourself. Ideally the average length of a driver used is 44.5″. You can also get a fitter to adjust the length of the shaft for yourself.


Earlier golf drivers were made of wood and this trend continued for a long time. There was metal wood that was made from steel that dominated post wooden drivers and finally the modern drivers are made up of titanium or composite head. Titanium became popular because it is long lasting and lightweight. Titanium is also mixed with carbon or tungsten to make a composite driver. However if you are really concerned about budget then you can go for stainless steel drivers as well.

The best golf drivers for beginners are not always the high end drivers. They are made to cater to pro golfers, unless you cannot generate a high swing speed these high end drivers are not a feasible option for you. The whole idea is to get a beginner friendly driver that can help you brush your skills and get you some aces.

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