Finca Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Spa in Antigua Guatemala

pool area finca filadelfia in antigua guatemala

This time I want to take you to a beautiful resort located five minutes away from Antigua Guatemala called Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Spa. This is a gorgeous, family-friendly hotel with colonial decoration located in the middle of a coffee plantation. It’s a great place for traveling with the family, but it’s also a great place for romantic getaways because they put a lot of work into making everything as private as possible.

Finca Filadelfia in Antigua, Guatemala

I had a really nice experience in it and i want to share it with you. When we got there we were surprised by the staff with a delicious cocktail. Plus I don’t know if it’s a daily thing but I loved the fact that they had live marimba music.

Then there are the play areas for kids. They are far from everything so they don’t bother anyone else but they are not too far so you can keep an eye on them.

The most of the 20 rooms have a beautiful view of 3 volcanoes that surround Antigua. Our room had beautiful fireplace that works with wood. But don’t worry if you can’t start it, the staff of the hotel will help you.

They also offer some great tours like canopy, mule rides, a coffee tour and bird watching. We ended up taking the mule ride and really enjoyed it. It was very relaxing and scenic.

This was a really fun experience for me. For me this is a great option for traveler that would like to spend some time in Antigua.

Last Updated on November 26, 2023

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