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Finca el Amate, Guatemala: Hiking an Old Lava Trail on a Volcanic Farm


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Full Transcript

Hey, it’s Marina, a travel experta. And today we’re going to be talking about visiting a farm that has petrified old burnt out lava trails that you can hike and be right in front of an active volcano. Are you ready to make every day an adventure? Let’s begin Amate is one of the more popular fincas, which Finca in Spanish really means farm.

But farms could be absolutely enormous. And it does not have to be technically a working farm. It could simply be this huge private area. And this particular one is called Finca Amate. And what makes this particular, I guess you could call it a park.

So much different than any other park anywhere in Guatemala is that the majority of it has old lava trails that you could hike on. And it is literally right in front of Pacaya Volcano. Pacaya volcano to this day is an active volcano. It is absolutely incredible. You don’t know when it’s active or how it’s active, but you can go and visit Pacaya.

I have an entire podcast on Pacaya Volcano, so make sure to go and check that out where you can literally roast your marshmallows on the lava while you’re sitting right there on Pachaya. So it’s pretty cool. Finca Amate obviously does not have that because it has old burnt out trails. So there is no more real lava. It is actually old lava trails that you can walk on and hike all around.

And because of the old burnt out lava trails, the fauna is real and flora is really interesting. Like they have all these spiny, different kinds of plants. There’s also a lot of wild horses that live on the farm. So they’re not Mustangs. However, they are definitely wild horses that you could see as well.

And it is just one of the coolest experiences. And then you could go and visit their restaurant, which if you’re going to be eating food and they have decent food, they have all kinds of stuff for you, basic stuff, hamburgers, pizzas, fries. However, you do need to take into account that it will take you a while. So if you’re going to go for lunch there, make sure that you’re not starving by the time you arrive so that you could enjoy the laid back atmosphere of this sink up. And I really recommend visiting it.

It’s only about an hour drive if you’re staying in Antigua, Guatemala, or about 30 minutes, depending where you are in Guatemala City. So take a day trip to go and visit this cool place. Go hike on their petrified trees. They’re burnt out old lava trails. One other little hint.

You do not need to hire a guide to do the hikes. They will tell you you do. But once you pay an entrance, you have access to everything. And that is a really important thing because we thought we would need to hire somebody you do not. And the other cool thing is you can camp there and it’s really safe to camp there because it is a protected area.

It is a private area so that means that there are people that are guarding it. It’s closed off so it’s also really safe to go camping there so this could be a great option but for camping there are bathrooms but nothing else. The restaurants are only open I think on the weekend so you’ll need to bring your own food. You could Cook your own food on camping gear as well. So if you want to go and visit a really cool place, definitely recommend visiting that and I guarantee wherever you live in the world there are cool little private reserves, private farms, all these different kinds of areas that you could find right there by your house and they’re usually not expensive.

You would just have to pay an entrance fee and just bring your own food for the picnic. So if you want more ideas for cool make everyday an adventure items go to my website travel expert with an a dot com for a huge list and remember to make every day an adventure and if you liked this episode please leave a review and share it with your friends. Don’t forget make everyday an adventure.

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