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How Do Your Favorite Celebrities Keep Travel Memories Alive?

You have to read throughout this post to have an idea on whether how celebrities keep their travel memories alive! You will learn some of the best tips to create worth-remembering travel memories too from your idols. This will help you a lot especially if you plan to have a remarkable trip with loved ones!These photography travel tips come up with the best to keep your memories alive for you.Look at this tips to keep travel memories alive.

Keep Travel Memories Alive

Whether it sees new places, meeting new people, or trying out foods, we all love to travel to experience new things (and so does our favorite celebs!) The result? New memories to relish and record. This is why keeping your travel memories alive forever is essential, but how would your fave celebrities do it?

Celebrities are just like ordinary persons, too. They don’t want to miss every single thing, so, travel accessories are their best armor.

Bringing a camera during holiday vacation is probably the most common case. Look at those sexy curves under the beautiful sun, delicate dishes on their plate, and so on. Many of your favorite celebs, like Alicia Silverstone, and Kate Hudson are fond of taking pictures every time they travel, and we say each of their photos is very beautiful we can’t get over from.

More than that, celebrities must also ensure their safety when it comes to enjoying their leisure time. Unlike the late actress, Natasha Richardson, while spending her leisure time on a fun and exciting skiing activity, she fell and hit her head. But the said actress refused any treatment, reported by Dead or Kicking, which led to her death two days after the said unwanted accident. Apart from enjoying the trip, it is best to ensure safety as well!

Just like any other adventurers, celebrities made sure that their travel memories are alive by considering the following:

Take Photos

The simplest of all, a picture lasts a lifetime. In order to remember the place you never expect will give you pleasant memories, a restaurant you ate in for a dinner with friendly and witty staffs, or others, celebrities take two kinds of pictures.

Whatever their eyes see that quickly arouses their interest, they efficiently capture it and keep it forever. Since we’re living in a modern world, losing a photograph is not an issue at all because there are chips, memory cards, and codes to secure them. Or, transfer the images on a pillowcase, t-shirt, mug, canvas, or just make a photo album or photo books.

Create Videos

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep any travel memories especially among celebs, videos bring back so many memories from little details to sounds a person may have failed to recall. Sometimes, pictures are not enough to capture a particular object or scene, and you have to see it moving. Hence, videos are much more convenient.

You could also see some of these famous figures creating a vlog or video diary during their holiday vacation. It documents all of the incredible and fun things they get up to on their adventure. However, others, start a YouTube channel.

Make A Scrapbook

Although an old-school craft and is quite demanding, it is all worth it! Ask some celebrities, and they can prove it! It enables them to boost their creative side here. There is no wrong or right way of doing it – you have creative control.

A few months after your travel, you will possibly not forget the location of a bar or the delicious dish you had. This is why having a scrapbook is always a brilliant idea. They write small doodles or notes to every piece to ensure it will tickle on their memory forever.

Collect Souvenirs

What other better way to collect those touching travel memories and stick on someone’s memory? You might not know it, some of your favorite personalities bring a piece of nature or item from each place they visit. Sand, fridge magnets, shot glasses, patches, pebbles, and postcards are among the most popular, but they also try collecting mugs, bracelets, coins, maps, foods (e.g., chocolate), and others!

Kitchen wares like platters are also an excellent idea and even wall art like clothing or paint. By looking at these collections, all of the shared memories will bring back in an instant.

Send Postcards To Themselves

Postcards are always trendy, and it is considered one of the most meaningful and powerful travel objects. It is nice to send them to friends and family, but they possibly mean more to you. So instead, celebrities send the postcards to their home address.

Postcards these days don’t have to be boring and generic. Thanks to various apps, celebrities can now send their pictures directly from their smartphone or computer as physical postcards – regardless of where they may be! Isn’t it cool?

Start Collecting Spices

Smells and foods are another great way to bring back those memories. Celebs who love spices pick them up and take them. According to them, the memories they have shared with their family or loved one returns when they cook them later.

Each place has its flavor, whether that is oregano or cumin. You can use later these spices to jazz up an ordinary meal and impress the palate of your guests, even the pickiest one!

Write A Travel Journal

Probably one of the celebs favorite ways to keep precious vacation memories among travelers, a travel journal allows them to preserve all the fantastic details, from the smallest to the most precious ones.

Writing a travel journal doesn’t need to be always put on a pen to paper. There are plenty of ways to journal each of their travel, including notes and email on the smartphone. But, some prefer a pen and paper method, so they instead write a short paragraph about their travel’s highlights.  


Apparently one of the remarkable ways, blogging doesn’t only help celebrities preserve travel memories but share them too! Most of them find it a helpful tool for organizing their moments and thoughts and genuinely remember their travels. It’s as if they are traveling again!

Though as you know, blogging requires a lot of work. But when you see the end product, the feeling is priceless. You can go and try yourself, too!

So before planning your tour and accommodation, make sure to consider these tips from your favorite celebrities for a fun and memorable travel!

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