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Fantasy Disney Cruise – Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside

Can you fantasize what a Fantasy Disney cruise experience will be like? It’s hard when you really have nothing to compare it to.

Fantasy Disney Cruise

Disney parks are one thing, but what to expect out at Sea? I was lucky enough to be invited on a Press trip with the Traveling Moms Community for the Inaugural maiden voyage of the Disney Cruise

royal caribbean cruise review

So you wanna get a sneak peek? 

What You’ll Find on the Fantasy Disney Cruise

Welcome Committee of Princesses

kid friendly cruises

The Princesses are Everywhere

This is Where All the Fun Happens – Upper Deck

Dining Area

Just Fun Eye Candy – Luxury all the way

Now you gotta go yourselves to see all the other amazing things like spas, kid’s clubs, cabins and so much are all about.

Fantasy Disney Cruise – Sneak Peak Inside


One thought on “Fantasy Disney Cruise – Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside”

  1. Amazing ship and photos. I think the average will be below average for the cruise industy, maybe similar to Carnival.

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