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Famous Historical Site: Taj Mahal

When we talk about the most iconic buildings of India, Taj Mahal is a name that is never missed from the discussion. It is a huge mausoleum and comprises a beautiful ivory white shade. People from all around the globe specially visit India to lay their eyes on this beautiful piece of art. The building is in Agra district on the banks of river Yamuna. Though the location is not inside the capital itself, still it manages to sooth your eyes with beautiful views and has fountains and greenery around it. A team which was commissioned by Shah Jahan in the year 1632built this great monument. Taj Mahal was built by him in the memory of his beloved wife and the main objective of the building was to serve as a tomb for his wife. But the beauty of the architecture forced the building to become one of the 7 wonders of the World.Taj Mahal is a building worth seeing and one of the best ways to enjoy this experience is through Golden Triangle Package.

Taj Mahal

Structure of Taj Mahal

Although in today’s time people may find it unusual for lovers to build huge monuments as tombs, this was a trend in the early times. The main key center of the monument is the tomb which is situated right in the middle of Taj Mahal. The tomb is covered by precious and beautiful stones which are placed right in the center of the tomb. The complex is huge and is spread over an area of 42 acres. Taj Mahal is situated at the northern part of this complex.  There is a guest room present along with several gardens situated at the same complex. These gardens bound the building from all the three sides and give a stunning scenery for the building. When the Taj Mahal is looked from the other side of Yamuna river, it is undoubtedly a memorable scene.

The building cost around 32 million at the time of creation. The huge amount of money that was spent at that time signifies the fact of Taj Mahal itself is a building of immense importance. The name of the chief architect was Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. Along with the main architect, more than 20000 artisans were appointed to work on the building. Immense hard work for several years lead to creation of this beautiful monument. The amount of planning that had gone into the formation of the building has made it one of the seven wonders today. 

Golden Triangle Package

As various people from all around the world come to visit such monuments, there are several tour packages present. These packages are focused on making the vacation convenient and ensures that all the esteemed monuments are covered. One of the most sought-after tour plans is named as Golden Triangle Tour package. This package covers three historical cities like Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. This package would be best fit for someone who wants to know more about the culture followed in India. Whenever tourists want to buy handicrafts and shop for other stuff, these packages come in very handy. It offers a golden chance for all the people who are visiting India for the first time. 

The total duration of the package is five nights and 6 days. The languages used by the guide include French, Italia, Spanish etc. The arrival of the tour is in Delhi and till day two, Delhi sightseeing continues. At the commencement of the third day, people are taken to Agra. During the morning of Day 4, people are finally taken to the Taj Mahal, and they can enjoy the sight of this beautiful monument. On the same day people are taken to Jaipur. Finally on the last day a flight is booked to Delhi and the journey ends.

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