Famous Casino Winners From New Zealand

The illusion that casino games are easy to play and win is the primary culprit to several issues. Players could lose money and still get higher hopes of landing good wins, banking on lady luck. Fortunately, a combination of the right strategy and chance has some NZ players win huge. 

Besides New Zealand, gamers from other countries have seen significant and resulting wins to boast about. Such news spread quickly and even fueled others to try their luck again. This article will focus on a look at the winners of diverse gambling prizes in New Zealand’s history.

However, it’s important to note that such grand audit wins were not planned but came with the right strategy and a stroke of luck. 

Mega Moolah Pokies Wins

Let’s start with the biggest records first. We introduce you to the amazing stories of players who cracked the world’s largest slot jackpot machine: Mega Moolah. Top on the list is one of the winners who made the headlines for New Zealanders, Rawiri Pow. 

This Auckland KFC employee at the time took a break from his job and a stroll to his online casino account to wager on the Mega Moolah machine. He became lucky and landed $NZ10,144,395.82 in the slot jackpot prize.

This happened on 17th June 2016. In the end, he received the paycheck at the lobby of the Auckland hotel. He may have left his chicken frying gig, especially as he had the money to buy out an entire KFC franchise. 

Rawiri Pow is no stranger to this Microgaming online slot machine. The 27-year-old New Zealander had previously won $NZ1,500 from the pokie. However, he did not rest but continued and landed a significant fortune that changed his life. 

Another top online casino win from this excellent pokie is a $NZ8 million cash prize in 2018. There is no name as this player loaded the machine on mobile, playing at minimum deposit casino.

In the end, the gamer ended with the jackpot reward of the machine, which was a little above $NZ8 million. However, that’s not the last of the good news this safari-themed online pokie has brought for kiwis. 

Although this offer is lower than others, the first Mega Moolah mobile player landed a $NZ943,971 win from the major jackpot round. This excellent win, although high, is rated the first-ever win for the machine by New Zealanders in the major jackpot category.

However, the player may be unbothered by the win even though this is a vast record. 

Roulette Winners

2016 remains the year many New Zealanders displayed huge wins at casino games, and roulette wasn’t left out. Another top player who enjoyed betting on table games was a beneficiary. However, he did not settle for the classic variant but the live dealer view, developed by NetEnt, which earned him a small fortune. This anonymous New Zealander landed slightly above $NZ100,000 after playing the game for a few hours. 

In his post-win interview, this New Zealander acknowledged that he had several strategies up his sleeve. Top among them is the famous Martingale system and other tactics he developed. The player claimed he started with $NZ1,000, although it dipped by half before he went to amass huge and classic wins. 

From the $NZ500, his account balance rose to $NZ2,000. To up his game, he increased the amount to $NZ8,000 higher. Within the next 4 hours, this New Zealander pushed his cash prize from $NZ10,000 to $NZ100,000. 

Many reports claim this super-happy gambler decided to practice responsible gambling and called it quits. There were chances for him to up his games and boost his cash prize too. However, the reverse is the case, as he only landed for smaller wins. 

This important casino game has continued to motivate NZ gamers/punters, especially with its simple gameplay and high winning chances. The continuous patronizing of this impressive online casino game indicates that all New Zealanders hope this anonymous’s good fortunes shine on them soon. 

Wins in Blackjack

Long before the time of online live dealer roulette wins, blackjack has been a significant force. The first record of an online casino blackjack win was in 2012. An anonymous player broke the record at a certain online casino when he discovered new varieties of virtual blackjack tables.

These modern versions were unavailable at the land-based casino he wagers at. Yet, he won $NZ500,000 within a week, winning with the same strategies he used at the land-based casinos. 

Several reports state that the game he was playing was Blackjack Switch, a new variant with different rules. However, he soon settled in and was able to adjust to the new demands, tweaking the plans and strategies to increase his winning chances. 

What’s astounding about this anonymous winner was that he started with a small wallet balance of $NZ200. Hence, he started out with small wagers because of his strategy. It required him to bet on low amounts as the house edge values increased with higher bets. However, smaller stakes led to regular wins, which was easy. 

According to him, he became bolder and started adding higher risk amounts, gathering higher cash prizes as he went higher. This player also stated that he refused to use the same strategy which worked for the land-based casinos, mainly because of the limits all the blackjack tables carry.

Hence, there’s little to no space for players to include strategies that can help out, including situations where you may want to double up. Hence, the risk of losing big amounts when a New Zealander is trying to get back money lost before is higher at brick-and-mortar casinos. 

Lotto Winners

Lotto is one of the biggest games available for New Zealanders. It provides different features, so regular wins are not hard to find daily in the country. One of the most insightful wins from this game is from a grandmother in Auckland who landed a winning $NZ28.16 million ticket in her bag.

This anonymous woman is a regular customer of lotto tickets and had settled for a Triple Dip ticket for the Saturday game night. 

However, she did not pay much attention to it until she saw the Sunday night news. The scenario played out when she checked her bag the following Monday during shopping. Ultimately, she declared after the shop owner pointed it out to her. 

This occurred in 2019 with the winning numbers as 31, 13, 33, 36, 40, and 38. Powerball 9 and Bonus Ball 34. 

Besides the millionaire grandmother, another top winner from the lotto is an anonymous New Zealander from Pokeno who landed $NZ42.2 million in October 2021. This is the story of another player who got a top offer from the famous Powerball prize.

With just a small yellow ticket, this female gambler started calculating the results from the MyLotto check. After confirming it, she shared the news with her husband. 

As new millionaires, the family started making plans for the future. As a vintage item, the ticket was auctioned off during a weekly draw at the Countdown Pokeno show in Pokeno. 

There’s also the record of another lotto winner from Wellington. In 2022, another anonymous player got a cash prize of $NZ500,000 from the Lotto First Division. After trying for over four years, he won by playing in the Lotto First Division with his colleague. 

What set them out was a change in tactics. They decided to switch strategies and pick their own numbers rather than depending on the Powerball number suggestions. 

Winners in Sports Betting

In addition to the different casino games and lotto, sports betting has brought good wins for NZ gamers/punters. For instance, one of the biggest wins recorded is that of a Papatoetoe Welder who used his different strategies to raise about $NZ180,000 in cash prizes over a weekend in 2016.

He won by playing with only $NZ12 in his pocket, which was the only money available as he had forgotten his wallet at home. This welder placed wagers on different sports, including French Open Tennis, Super and International Rugby, soccer, and Netball.

This accumulated a potential cash prize of 15,000x his stake, which he placed at the Hunters Corner Tab store. All of this proves that anyone can win big at sports betting. Top cash prizes from New Zealand sportsbooks are open for NZ gamers/punters of all categories, not just professionals. 

What are the Pokies that Made People Millionaires

While there are many jackpot pokies at top NZ online casinos, some come with features that can make you a millionaire. Betting on these machines lets you have your name written in the records of the highest casino and sports betting winners. 

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is the biggest progressive jackpot pokie available at NZ online casinos. This machine is from a popular software provider, Microgaming, and comes with different jackpot stages, including Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. It is also the highest-paying pokie machine globally. 

It has been around for a long time, offering New Zealanders a chance to claim the current prize pool of over $NZ6 million. Features include 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines, with an RTP of 96.92%. If you become a lucky winner, it is possible to land a minimum of $1 million here. 

Thanks to the massive success of this pokie, there are now different variations. This includes Mega Moolah Isis, Mega Moolah Atlantean Treasures, etc. According to records, the top win any kiwi has gotten is $NZ32,829,081 in 2018. 


Avalon online slot is one of the best pokies from Microgaming for New Zealanders. It comes with 20 paylines, an RTP of 96.01%, with excellent bonus features. It is available on mobile and has some of the best cash prizes in NZ dollars.

This includes features like multipliers, wilds (2 types), and scatters to trigger the free spins. Many New Zealanders wager on this pokie because of its high potential cash prize of up to 210,000 coins. 

Burning Desire

Burning Way is yet another Microgaming pokie with an exceptional payline number. Instead of the regular figures, there are 243 winning ways, with free spins to match. This slot offers an RTP value of 96.19% and a bet size of $NZ0.25 to $NZ500 per round.

No New Zealander has won the jackpot yet, but that does not mean it stops them from playing on the huge jackpot game round. This offers 3,000 credits up to 30,000 credits.

Bust the Bank

This Microgaming pokie offers a jackpot potential cash prize of 1,500 coins or $NZ1,800 with 243 paylines. Its payout percentage is 96.75%, offering a rich and wealthy theme. Most New Zealanders wager on it because there are not many hindrances to activating the bonus jackpot round, another top feature from Microgaming. 

Break da Bank Again

Break Da Bank Again pokie follows the other machines with a generous jackpot offer. With 9 paylines on 5 reels, you can wager on a 1,500x line bet per spin. It provides a payout percentage of 95.43%, with a huge potential jackpot payout of 375,000 coins. However, it is a normal jackpot pokie. 


While online gambling offers entertainment and adventure, it’s also a great way to land good cash prizes. Many Kiwi players enjoy gaming on different titles, which is no surprise that they record huge wins.

However, you should understand that all games are based on luck, and while strategy plays a good role, it does not determine the final outcome. However, we recommend practicing responsible gaming, setting a budget, and playing only on reputable NZ online gambling sites. 

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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