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Family Yoga After Cycling Routine – Great Way Stay Healthy

family yoga after biking with kids

Training for mountain biking competitions doesn’t only revolve around the actual biking. There are many components to full-on training.

One of the most important, second to nutrition, is stretching and yoga.

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Family Yoga as Part of the Cycling Routine, All Ages Must Do

In our family, all of my men are now officially competing in Mountain Biking races. This is a huge step up from the occasional ride.

This means your body needs to handle the work and recover properly.

If you don’t stretch, you are doing your body and muscles are huge discomfort.

Stretching or Yoga is so important, my husband’s old Kung Fu master, who was nearing 80 and still had the strength of a very healthy 30 year old once said:

“Stretching is the Fountain of Youth”

So nowadays, we have a nightly routine, at least my husband and sons do (I still need to get into it on a regular basis).

The Family Yoga and Stretch routine.

To do this, we need to have good, cushy yoga mats. I Am Athletics has a great selection of mats for the whole family.

For my son, we went with the Natural Jute Mat is made of a blend of Natural Jute/Linen and Non-Slip Eco PVC (no latex), this makes it extremely comfortable and durable.

eco friendly yoga mat, travel yoga mat

Durable is the operative word for both my son and our dog.

yoga mats for kids, yoga mats for dogs

Plus, it’s over 5 mm in thickness making it soft anywhere we put it.

This is how we roll on an average evening.

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family yoga routine

Normally, we like to go outside. It’s simply so much more enjoyable there.

Video Review of I Am Athletics – Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats for the Family

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