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Family Vacations – Reasons to Go on a Cruise

People think I use some sort of sorcery to travel with my family as much as I do. Because, they are under the wrong impression, that travel is simply too expensive. And this seems to be the majority frame of mind, at least for families in the US. I am blessed to be working within the travel industry, which has allowed me to visit places for discounted prices but sadly most people can’t even afford a vacation once a year.Why more and more families are deciding to go on a cruise for their vacation and what makes them so good.Take a look at this article to learn

To be honest, I completely understand this. Traveling for one person can get expensive, so imagine traveling as a family of four.

Go on a Cruise Family Travel

This is extremely alarming because recent studies and surveys have shown that people, not just in the US, are in desperate need of time off and travel. We, as working class, are not resting enough because we need the money to allow ourselves and our family a better life. However, that is causing us to be less productive.

family travel on cruises


So, What is Happening with Everyone’s Paid Time off?

Did you know that in 2015, Americans left 658 million days of vacation time unused? Most of them weren’t even able to get them paid out or rolled over. Can you imagine the amount of people that didn’t take any breaks? People are just working non-stop year after year.

Since then, this trend keeps going up and is projected to growing even more!

I am not saying that all of them decided to give up their vacations just because they can’t afford to travel but it is one of the main theories behind this trend due to the rising costs of traveling.

Views you get when you Go on a Cruise

This makes complete sense to me. Do you know how much it costs per day per person to visit Disney? As much as I love Disney, I can truly sympathize with fear of spending that kind of money.  A small family of four people can spend anything between one to two thousand dollars daily at the happiest place on earth. And this can be true for other family friendly places to visit.

So What is Making Prices Rise so High?

Salaries aren’t necessarily going down so drastically. Instead, prices for some of the most popular touristic areas of the country seem to keep going up at alarming rates.

The kind og pools you find when you Go on a Cruise

Some say that this is because foreign travelers from countries with stronger economies such as China, Brazil, Europe and more come here with lots of money and are willing to spend it here. In fact, in 2015 they spent about $30.1 billion in the US.

Everyone in the travel industry, including parks, hotels and restaurants noticed that and started rising prices to take advantage of the phenomenon that is expected to keep bringing tourists and money into the country. Some even say it might double.

Foreigners bringing in money is always a good thing for the country’s economy, but because everyone is going crazy about catering to them, Americans, who can’t keep up with these rates, chose to stay home or work instead of taking the family for a fun trip.

So How Can Families Still Enjoy Vacation Without Going Broke?

There there is a section of the travel industry that noticed what is happening and is aware that catering to the needs of US travelers is also a great opportunity and have set out to start offering more affordable alternatives that are still fun and luxurious.

Budget cruise travel for families

What am I talking about? Cruise lines.

Specifically Royal Seas Cruises. They are starting to do family fun cruise trips that are a bit shorter in time span but not on activities and memories.  With all the amenities that vacationers expect on a cruise ship at much lower prices.

So instead of spending one or two weeks on board, you and your family can enjoy a two to three night packages on board of a luxury ship.

What’s Good About a Family Cruise?

There are many reasons why going on a cruise is a lot of fun, but I’m going to narrow it down to my top three:

1. They are all inclusive – The price that you pay includes pretty much anything you might need aside from souvenirs. So there are no extra expenses that you hadn’t thought of before hand.

2. Variety – There are tons of activities and amenities. On cruises you will find kids clubs, swimming pools, shows for all ages and activities for all ages. This means that you can all spend a lot of time together yet having all tastes be participant. Of course, there are tons of stuff for adults to do on their own too – mainly relaxing by the pool drinking a tropical cocktail.

3. Not much planning is involved – Basically, all you have to worry about is getting there before the ship sails. After that, it is all about enjoying. The most planning you will have to do is deciding which restaurant to visit first.

My family and I have gone on several cruise ship adventures and I always make sure to find the best discounted rates, which is available to everyone.

This story was sponsored by Royal Seas Cruises but the opinions are the author’s own.

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