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Family Travel Advice – 5 Tips for Traveling with An Infant

Traveling is one of life’s greatest treats. No matter what kind of traveler you are, whether you love going for a relaxing trip to beaches all day or you go for rain forest adventures without a map, exploring new territory is an unmatched experience.Five things that you can do to have a more adventure when traveling with infants.In this blog post you will find traveling with an Infant.

Traveling with An Infant

However, a lot of people think that once they have children, especially when they are still infants, that the traveling fun has to stop. Sure, it might become more difficult once you have kids, it does not mean that you can’t go. You just have to put a little more thought into your trip.

So, whether you are planning on flying or driving for this trip, you need to put in some work before your trip is planned to begin. To make your life easier, here are five tips for traveling with an infant.

Tip #1: Figure Out How You Are Getting There

Are you flying? Driving? Taking a train? Jumping onto a cruise ship? Riding a motorcycle? Just kidding with that last one – motorcycles aren’t really infant-friendly.

 Tip #2: Pack Way Ahead of Time

Starting the packing process early (like four weeks early) will make everything so much easier. You should make lists, collect the essentials, and figure out what luggage items you are taking far in advance. Trust us, the last thing you want is to be en route and realize that you didn’t take enough diapers—or your little one’s favorite teddy bear. Whoops.

Tip #3: Fly When You Can

The quickest travel method is always going to be flying, so that is the most recommended. But it does come with challenges. Luckily, there are things you can do to prepare for those challenges. The first thing you might want to do is to look into TSA PreCheck, as it will make getting through security with that stroller and all of those diaper bags so much easier. Plus, kids under 12 can usually get in that pre-check like without needing their own membership, so you won’t have to worry about that extra fee for years.

Then, when you are buying your tickets online, you first need to pick seats that are as close to the bathrooms as possible and choose seats on the aisle. This will make getting up to wash that baby spit-up off your chest a lot easier to handle. And if you do not have a connecting flight that you will have to hustle to get to, choose seats in the back of the plane, as you will probably get a lot less of those annoyed glances from your fellow passengers. This also means that those other passengers won’t have to wait for you to gather all of your things when it is time to deplane.

Tip #4: What to Take On the Plane

You should also make sure that you pack everything in your travel carry-on that you might need to keep your infant as happy as possible. Take extra pacifiers, anything that might keep them entertained if they get fussy, extra milk bottles, and some soft baby blankets (cause the last thing you want is one of those sketchy airline blankets touching your brand new infant). Avoid taking anything that will be disruptive, so this means that you should leave anything that takes a battery in your checked bag. Not everyone will be sympathetic to a parent traveling with a baby, so it is in your best interest to make this as easy on everyone as possible.

Tip #5: When You Get There

The actual traveling process isn’t the only tough part about traversing the globe with an infant. You also need to figure out the logistics of when you get to where you are going. Do you have a baby travel crib in your arsenal? If not, where do you plan on putting your little one to sleep? What about formula? Have you packed enough to last the duration of your trip? The more you consider beforehand, the better off you’ll be.

Keep these facets of traveling with your little one in mind and make the experience easy as can be.

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