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Fun Things to do in San Francisco as a Family

San Francisco is the perfect city for a fun-packed trip with your family, as it is full of family-friendly activities to do. Spending time all together as a family is a beautiful way to bond and enjoy a weekend or a vacation. This city is famous for being one of the most beautiful cities in the US and San Francisco’s skyline is an iconic background, perfect for getting family pictures. Also packed with a ton of family-friendly places to visitKnowing the best family-friendly activities available in San Francisco makes it easy to plan an itinerary for your stay. All the following activities are engaging for kids, and it gives parents time to relax and unwind.

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Fun Things to do in San Francisco as a Family

Family Things to do in San Francisco

1. Take a Bay Cruise

The bay cruise goes through the Bay Bridge, visit the island of Alcatraz and see the skyline of San Francisco. The journey is fantastic for both adults and kids.

2. Golden Gate Park

Fun Things to do in San Francisco as a Family

The park sprawls from Haight to the Pacific ocean and has acres of greenery. There is a resident herd of Buffalos, lake stow, a conservatory of flowers, the de Young Museum, waterfalls, and ample space for picnics. It’s a perfect spot for family-friendly activities in San Francisco for both kids and adults.

3. Visit the Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is a great place to find family-friendly activities in San Francisco. There are over 600 exhibits that parents and kids can explore and have fun.

4. Muir Woods

The woods have towering redwoods and pines, which offer magnificent scenery for nature trails and walks. Some pines are over 600 years old, which makes a walk in the woods fun for people of all ages.

5. California Academy of Sciences

The academy is home to a museum, aquarium, planetarium, rainforest, and a zoo for over 40,000 animals. There is a cafe where families can enjoy food when taking a break from the day’s activities.

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Fun Things to do in San Francisco as a Family

6. Children’s Creativity Museum

The museum has a lot of fun activities for children of all ages. There is a music studio, cloud gallery, animation studio, imagination lab, and various workshops where kids can explore, create and engage in numerous activities.

7. Walt Disney Family Museum

The museum has a vast collection of Walt Disney’s films, memorabilia, Disneyland, and reminiscing about his life. Grown-ups and older children can learn fun facts about Mickey Mouse and the Disney brand in general. Kids can enjoy storytimes and other activities.

8. Aquarium of the Bay

The aquarium has 300 feet tunnels in a massive tank full of Bay flora and fauna. Kids can interact with sharks, starfish, and other sea creatures.

9. South Park

The park has undergone renovations to include pavements, benches, a play area, tables, and grass. It is an excellent place for kids to make new friends and enjoy themselves outdoors.

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10. Koret Children’s Quarter Playground

This playground has a giant carousel with 62 different animal statues to ride. The park also has climbing walls, a concrete slide, and there is ample space for picnics.

San Francisco is a beautiful city with a lot of great fun activities for both children and adults. Families can enjoy walks, picnics, beautiful sceneries of the beach and parks. Have an epic time with your kids and see the best that San Francisco has to offer.

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