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Top 9 Best Things to Do in Orange County You NEED to Try

Orange County in California can easily be one of the most amazing places that we have visited recently? The following are three of my family’s favorite things to do in Orange County. Feel free to tell me in the comments which ones are your favorite ones. Amazing family-friendly activities and things to do in Orange County while exploring beautiful California. 

Aside from being a stunning beach destination with beautiful locations and views all around. It might offer 42 miles of beaches, but the place is much more than just another beach destination. There are tons of fun things to do other than just spending some time soaking in the sun and enjoying the water.

Things to Do in Orange County

Things to Do in Orange County

Orange County has grown in popularity ever since the O.C. first aired on television over a year ago. This television program shined a light on a very trendy place in Southern California and has helped to make this one of the trendiest places a person will find.

This may not have been a destination you had in mind before, but after you see this list of what you can see and do with your family in Orange County, you will definitely want to

Bilbo Baggins of OC

If you are a fan of the movie the Hobbit, then this is a destination you will not want to miss. Offering an incredible seven-course meal that includes champagne and hors d’oeuvres if you so desire, you will be treated like a true celebrity here and have some of the finest cuisines the Shire has ever offered.

Go on a Day Trip on Board of a Boat

You will notice that there are tons of marinas in the area. Near many of them, you will find companies or people offering boat tours that will take you whale watching, fishing or just to enjoy the scenario.

Make sure to pack your favorite snacks so that you can enjoy a relaxing picnic.

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Check out Dana Point Harbor

This recreational harbor is located on the western coast and is filled with shops, bars, and restaurants. You can spend hours having fun on it. You can have lunch and do some shopping without ever having to spot, enjoying the beautiful views.

Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park

This may be a destination you’ve heard of before but have never visited. This will be your opportunity you cannot only enjoy the amusement park itself but also all of the great activities that are around  The California transportation system will be able to get you there if you so desire, so don’t feel like you have to miss out on this fantastic site.

Since it is located relatively close to Disneyland it often gets overlooked by visitors. But it is an amazing park where you get to go on amazing rides and roller coasters and have an amazing time for a fraction of the price.

And most importantly, it isn’t nearly as crowded as Disneyland.

With dozens of rides, you won’t get bored for at least one whole day. Plus it is home to California’s largest inverted roller coaster. Little kids can also have fun in it, there are tons of rides perfect for the smaller members of the family. So you don’t have to worry about them being bored or getting an injury while traveling in Orange county.

And if by chance you do get hurt, you can always contact Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys which will help right away.

Discovery Science Center

Every time I travel with my family I always look for a fun yet educational experience for my sons. The Discovery Science Center is one of the best hands-on museums in the area. It offers over 100 interactive exhibits for kids of all ages.

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Fox Theatre 

This old theater is not as charming as it once was, but the fact that it still remains in its rustic and crumbling condition adds a certain charm to it. The fact that it dates back to the days of gangsters and speakeasies will make it a destination you will surely not want to miss out on.

Newport Dunes

If you are looking for the opportunity for fine dining, a day out on a boat, or just laying out in the sun, then this is a great location for you. The Newport Dunes offers an array of activities for you that will make your time in Orange County truly memorable. The best part is that if you had just a long day out in the sun and are a little fatigued after enjoying a great meal you can use an Orange County car service to help you to get back to your destination.

Newport Beach

Besides just being a great destination, Newport Beach also has one of the most fantastic film festivals each year. If you’ve never been to it before, you will want to make sure that you include this as a part of your vacation time. There are literally over 400 different selections available for you to view, giving you previews and critiques.

Old World’s Oktoberfest

Even if you are in California you can still feel like it’s Germany, at least for part of the year. This Oktoberfest is one for the ages, as you not only get authentic food, but great oompah bands, plus you get to see the most entertaining dachshund race you’ve ever seen. If the German culture is something that appeals to you, you’ll feel like you’re in Bavaria.

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What to See in Orange County

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