15 Best Family Summer Destinations in Europe You Didn’t Think Of

Taking your kids on a Euro trip is for sure a great way to create wonderful childhood memories. The European continent is rich in everything: culture, history, and natural landmarks. Taking your family on a summer vacation in Europe is even better. Here are the best destinations for a family summer vacation in Europe.

However, the vast diversity of European destinations and cities can make it hard to choose where to go. One thing is certain: wherever you land in Europe, you will find something interesting to see and do. Still, we made this list of places we believe you should not miss the next time you fly to Europe in summer with your family.

When you’re planning a European vacation, it can feel impossible to make a plan. Europe’s rich array of history and culture make so many intriguing choices. So what are some of your top choices for European destinations in summer that you can hit up while staying in some luxury vacation rentals? Out of all of the amazing destinations, you can spend your summer in Europe, here are all of my recommendations.

Summer in Europe

Best Family Summer Destinations in Europe

Are you looking to take a European vacation with your family this summer? Here are the most amazing European family travel destinations that you can visit this summer.


London has been named many times as one of the most Instagram-worthy places in all of Europe. From stunning modern architecture to a beautiful blend of old buildings, there is truly something for everyone. You can admire stunning attractions such as Westminster Abbey while enjoying the gorgeous greenery.

There is a great opportunity for street photos of Portobello Market when wandering around. Even the museums in London are works of art being stunning both inside and out. The best bit is most of them are free to enter. In London, there are so many opportunities to capture amazing photographs. You’ll never run out of family-friendly things to do in London, check my blog post here.

Corfu, Greece

If you’re a history buff, you might have heard of Corfu before: this is where the ancient Greeks said that Odysseus was stranded. And no one would mind being shipwrecked on this beautiful island! The natural plant life of the island is still wild and beautiful, but there are also tons of places to hit up in town. The island is actually enormous, so you may need to rent a car to make time to visit all the beaches, shops, frozen yogurt bistros, and other sites. There are also plenty of opportunities to find luxury vacation rentals around here.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is probably one of the best European destinations to visit in summer in terms of culture and architecture (and good beer, but we won’t tell that to the kids!). The city has some of the best-preserved examples of neoclassical churches, buildings, and bridges in the world. For this reason, it still keeps a bit of its romantic 19th-century vibe to this day.

Besides, it attracts families with affordable prices, a stunning city zoo, Rudolfinum art park, and much more.

In fact, Prague is one of the best cities to visit in Europe with kids, I have a full blog post with all the best cities in Europe, read it here.

Florence, Italy

Italy is an inexplicably beautiful country, and Tuscany is one of its most beautiful regions. After many centuries, its green hills and vineyards still radiate with the same beauty that inspired Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and dozens of other renaissance artists.

When in Florence, don’t miss the art museums, because their collections have some of the best artworks of modern civilization. However, if you get tired of the crowds, head out to the countryside for a glass of wine, a plate of ravishing Italian cooking, and a gorgeous sunset in the background.

There is a great way to get to see a ton of museums and galleries with a special card, for instance if you want to visit Uffizi Gallery, Museo de Bargello and many more, you don’t have to pay for each one and save a lot.


If geography wasn’t your strong suit, you may not have even heard of this small eastern European country nestled alongside Bosnia and Croatia. This lovely, mountainous country is the perfect vacation spot for summer, with lots of wonderful local culture to soak in and temperate weather year-round. You’ll be utterly charmed by the little-known beauty of Montenegro to visit. There are tons of opportunities to taste cultural specialties like blackberry wine and sample restaurants. And, of course, there are nearby luxury vacation rentals (you can even stay in a neighboring country)!

Also, Montenegro is an affordable summer travel destination you should definitely visit.

Bergen, Norway

Another choice for a European vacation that’s anything but cliché, Norway is a dynamic culture full of fairy tales, fjords, and food. You can sail through the Arctic and even catch a glimpse of puffins out on the cold water. Summer is the perfect time to visit Norway and get to experience the Midnight Sun. Sunlight through the night means you’ll have to book luxury vacation rentals to help you get some sleep!

Southern Germany

There’s nothing like some beautiful mountain scenery in a warm and temperate climate. Summer in Germany is breathtaking, with weather that’s warm enough for a beach day but not stifling. This region is dotted with charming little towns that each has its own distinct culture. Here, you can wander the streets and see buildings that are hundreds of years old and still used in the modern era. What’s more, Germany is in the center of Europe, so it’s easy to reach other countries (and any luxury vacation rentals) by train or even by car.

Normandy, France

This fantastic region grew infamous after its beaches were stormed during World War II, but it’s the site of beautiful culture, delicious local cuisine, and breathtaking ocean views. It has a lovely temperate climate, which makes it pleasant to visit in the summer. There are also scores of historical sites and artifacts, from centuries-old tapestries to ancient Gothic churches, making it a perfect site for the history buff in your party.

Madrid, Spain

Spain is one of the biggest countries in Europe, and certainly one of the most diverse. The south of the country has a very interesting Arabic cultural influence, especially in terms of architecture and food. At the same time, Catalonia in the north is a very interesting blend of French and Spanish cultures.

The capital of the country is notoriously hot during the summer, but it offers many ways to entertain every member of the family. It is a place where you can take the kids to Retiro park for some fun, and then take them to taste the legendary Spanish churros.

Scotland, UK

Scotland is located in the northern part of the UK and is probably one of the most scenic and mystic regions in Europe. While in Scotland with your family, it is best to rent a car and go for a tour of medieval Scottish castles.

Each of the castles has its special story, and most of them are located in absolutely wonderful places. For example, the Dunnottar Castle is a ruined castle placed on a spectacular cliff edge surrounded by the sea. This castle is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Scotland.

If you would like an urban experience, you should not leave Scotland without visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh, which are stunning in summer.

The Loire Valley, France

If you’ve never been to the Loire Valley, now is your chance. Packed with beautiful photography destinations and stunning Chateau’s such as Château de Cheverny, you are never left without family-friendly things to do. The Loire Valley is packed with heritage and experiences that you will never find anywhere else.

Definitely add this to your list when you’re taking photos of Europe in Summer,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If pretty is what you’re after, Amsterdam is one of the prettiest summer places in Europe, great for a family summer destination. Full of olive-green canals, delightful architecture, and plenty of tourist attractions, there is no denying that Amsterdam is beautifully picturesque. The flavors of this city not only apply to the inhabitants but also the people who have visited Amsterdam many times before.

Your Europe photography won’t be complete until you head to Amsterdam. The canals especially make this city simply enchanting. Not only can you take beautiful photos of Amsterdam, but you can also enjoy the many tourist attractions offered.

On top of that, the Dutch landscapes really are something different that set up a picture-perfect environment for any photographer.

Paris, France

Would it really be a visit to Europe if you didn’t go to Paris? Traveling to Paris gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and famous photography spots in the entire world. For example, the Eiffel Tower is the place that everyone wants to go to get a winning picture of its unparalleled magnificence.

It becomes even more magical in Paris when you plan beautiful photography outings to see the spots that usual tourists would not. Consider heading down to Montmartre in Paris. It is a beautifully romantic and picturesque spot that is perfect for romantic photography. Paris is the perfect place to capture the elegance of beauty.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is popular for being the film location for the wildly popular TV show, Game of Thrones.

But, whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, Dubrovnik is one of the best European travel destinations for families. You and your family can fill your day’s kayaking, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, and exploring the Old Town’s restaurants and boutiques.

Additionally, Dubrovnik is just a stone’s throw away from two of Croatia’s infamously gorgeous national parks- Plitvice Lakes National Park and Krka National Park. Both of these parks are home to plenty of family-friendly hiking trails, lush greenery, and scenic waterfalls.

Budapest, Hungary

If you’re looking for a family-friendly European travel destination that’s also easy on your wallet, then Budapest is the place to go.

While Budapest is best known for its history and beautiful architecture, there’s still a lot here for the kids to enjoy. You can get an introduction to the city by hopping on a Big Bus Tour, and then afterward make your way to the Budapest Zoo or the Children’s Railway Museum.

You’ll also have to be sure to check out one of the city’s famous baths while there, with Széchenyi Thermal Bath being the most family-friendly.


In 2019 alone, over 538 million global tourists visited Europe. And did you know that Europe accounts for over 50 percent of the world’s tourist arrivals?

If you’re traveling to Europe with your family in the summer, there’s no doubt that you’ll have an unforgettable vacation. Since Europe is so vast and diverse, it can often be difficult to figure out where to go, hope you find in this list the best destination for your family vacation.

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