5 Reasons to Book a Family Sailing Vacation

family sailing vacation
Sailing vacations have become increasingly popular in recent years as families look for a more relaxing and personal travel experience.

Are you searching for the perfect family vacation? Sailing vacations have become increasingly popular in recent years as families look for a more relaxing and personal travel experience. 

If you are thinking about booking a sailing vacation but are not sure if this is the right type of getaway for you and your family, the benefits listed below may help to convince you. 

Read on to discover five reasons why you should book a family sailing vacation; plus, some inspiration on where to go. 

1. You can enjoy more privacy

Arguably one of the best aspects of a sailing vacation is that you can enjoy so much more privacy than if you choose to stay in a hotel or a resort. The perfect vacation type for people who hate crowds—you don’t have to interact with a single soul if you don’t want to. 

That being said, if you do want to socialize or meet the locals, you can always moor close to town and then head back to your boat when you have had enough. 

Sailing vacations are a unique vacation idea for the family.

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2. You don’t need sailing experience 

    If you think you need to have sailing experience to go on a sailing vacation, think again. Although you can choose to sail a boat yourself if you want to, there are lots of crewed private yacht charters that you can book which require you to do nothing more than sit back and enjoy the ride. 

    If you prefer to book a private yacht charter for your family vacation, you can choose to have just a full-time captain and private chef or an entire crew. 

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    3. You have plenty of flexibility 

      The beauty of booking a sailing holiday for your family is that you can go where you want, when you want, to and do what you want, when you want to. You can explore different areas at your own pace and go somewhere different each day if you wish to do so.

      For families with young children, this can be particularly beneficial as you can work around nap and dinner times with ease. 

      4. You can choose from lots of destinations

        There are so many amazing destinations that are perfect for exploring by boat such as the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands, Greece, and Croatia, to name but a few. Whether you want to stay close to home or you prefer to go somewhere a little bit more exotic, you are guaranteed to find somewhere that is perfect for you and your family. 

        If you are not sure what country to sail around, why not look to social media for inspiration or pop into your local travel agency?

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        5. You can learn new skills 

          Although there is no pressure to do so, if you would like to improve your knowledge on boats, a sailing vacation offers the perfect opportunity to do this. Furthermore, unlike a stay at a hotel or resort, when you vacation on a boat, your children will be able to learn a whole host of new skills such as cooking, sailing, and even cleaning up! 

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          Last Updated on May 8, 2024

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