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Things You NEED to Carry on Your Next Family Road Trip!

Family Road Trip Packing List

Taking a road trip with your partner and kids can be tons of fun or a complete nightmare! Happy, smiling faces can quickly turn into sick, fed up faces that “just wanna go home”! As great as road trips are or can be, you’re heading for a rough time if you don’t prepare for things to go wrong or get messy.

While we all know the basics such as keeping a spare tyre in the back along with a jerrycan of fuel, it’s the little things that are overlooked which prove to be rather important! Particularly when traveling with kids, certain items can be the difference between a happy, fun-filled road trip and a disastrous one! So, if you’re hoping for the former, check out these essentials to have in your car on your next road trip with the family!

1. Plenty of Water
Staying hydrated is important for all travelers regardless of their age. While some of you may opt to keep your liquid intake to a minimum to avoid stopping for bathroom breaks, answering natures call as often as needed is a small price to pay as opposed to the health risks that come with dehydration when traveling. Apart from drinking, it’s always good to have extra bottles of water for other uses like rinsing out a travel mug, washing your hands, etc.

Importance of Family Road Trips

2. Food (Snacks) and Beverages
It’s not advisable to eat heavy meals when traveling as it could trigger your motion sickness and ruin the rest of your journey (and everyone else’s). Instead, carry some light snacks such as wafers and sandwiches, as well as a few juice boxes for the kids. You’ll probably make stops along the way to grab a bite at local cafes so the packed snacks are just for those who get hungry between stops.

3. Plastic Bags
A couple of small ones and 1-2 big plastics bags can prove to be extremely useful when your road trip commences! This is because kids and adults alike, can suffer from motion sickness when you least expect it and hence, those plastic bags will sure come in handy! The bigger ones can be used to collect garbage throughout the entire road trip and be dumped in a public bin by the end of it.

4. Wet Wipes, Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer
These items go hand in hand. As you’re driving along and snacks are eaten, beverages are popped open and bathroom pit stops are made, wet wipes and toilet paper will be more important than ever! Apart from the obvious, you can use toilet paper to soak up any food or beverage spills on the carpeting in your car to avoid immediate staining. What’s more, wiping your face and your kids’ faces with baby wipes will keep all of you feeling fresh during the car ride.

5. First-Aid Kit
Keeping a basic first-aid kit in your car is advised as a precautionary measure. You never know when you might need a band-aid, cotton pads, pain relief meds or bandages. These are just some of the items you can find in a first-aid kit; however, you can load it with anything you feel is necessary for your road trip.

6. Cell Phones + Portable Charges
Most of us don’t forget these items but just in case you do, we advise going over this article once again before you start your journey! It’s useful to have some travel apps pre-installed on your phone as they could prove to be helpful when you’re nearing your destination.

7. Hanging Organizers
These little mesh bags can be strapped to the front seats of the car and used to store items for easy access throughout the road trip. This includes wet wipes, water bottles, plastic bags, etc.

8. Music Playlists!
Caroline, mother and professional cleaner at Simply Maid Melbourne says “What’s a road trip without music, right? Make separate playlists for each car member so that everyone gets a turn to play their favorite songs and sing along! Don’t forget to make a playlist for you, the driver, because anyone behind the wheel deserves those awesome moments with wind in their hair and their favorite song playing!”

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