Greenwood Lake Boat Rental: Family Reunion Fun and Swimming

Family Reunion on Greenwood Lake pier, boat rental

15 years ago my parents bought a beautiful home on Greenwood Lake in New Jersey. The lake is actually split into two states bordering New Jersey and New York. Both sides, in my opinion, are equally scenic. On our last family trip to the States, we found out my parents sold their house and are prepared to move somewhere else. The house was too big for just them, so it was definitely the right decision.

To celebrate the move, the family decided to enjoy it one last time with the kids and my parents rented a pontoon and enjoy the beautiful lake as the final memory of it.

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renting a pontoon

Greenwood Lake Boat Rental

There are a ton of Marinas all over Greenwood Lake.

On weekends during the summer, all boats are totally booked out. But if you rent on a weekday, you can get a pick of the litter and also don’t need to make a specific time, you can pretty much walk in.

The rentals are usually around $200 and up for 2 hours or more. Some include gas into the price, so shop around to get the best rate.

mama and son selfie at the greenwood lake boat rental

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Family Fun on Greenwood Lake

We rented a pontoon for two hours with the option to stay one hour more. Not having to pay for that extra hour until we returned it.

Two hours for us was plenty. The lake isn’t that big to explore for too long. And we also didn’t go fishing, which is probably what the bulk of many people’s time usually is focused on.

However, my kids and my mom, their grandma, jumped in and had a blast in the warm waters of the lake.

This was by far the highlight of the boat trip.

Highly recommended, before going on to make sure you have a ladder. They all should come with one, but sometimes the ladder is in the shed, and by the time you’re out at the lake it’s a real hassle to climb into the boat without one.

swimming with grandma

We don’t do much boating so this was a real treat for the whole family.

brothers on a pontoon

And my dad, and his co-pilot, had fun navigating the calm waters.

You don’t need to know how to drive a boat, it’s certainly helpful but totally unnecessary. The staff give you a few-minute tutorial and take a ride out with you before giving it over to us for the rental duration.

 co-captain with grandpa on a greenwood lake ny boat rental

Even though the lake is split into two States, you can rent on either side without any problem. The only difference might be in the taxes you will pay.

Last Updated on March 19, 2023

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