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How Family Mountain Biking Bond Us

kids on bikes, mountain bikes for kids

Who knew that when my husband came home with the mountain bike that he bought in Santiago, Chile, it would start a whole new chapter in our family’s life.

Not only did it get our kids on bikes, but it has become one of the most bonding adventures of our family as well.

kids on bikes, mountain bike trails, mtb trails

Why Kids on Bikes Is Incredible for Everyone

We love biking. Every time we travel, we find a way to get a bike rental. And if we’re going to do a tour of the city or place, it’s always more fun on bikes.

However, road biking or city biking is quite different than mountain biking. This is what has become the new obsession of my family after my husband brought home his bike.

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kids on bikes, mountain bikes for kids, mtb trails, mtb, mountain bike trails

Unlike in the past when we have a family day and either go for a walk in our town of Antigua, Guatemala, we now head outdoors to parks and even better bike parks.

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Mountain biking is an incredible exercise that can be done close to home and keeps the kids active and training.

Since their papa has started to compete professionally and they joined in the fun with him.

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But the best part of it all, is how it’s brought our family so much closer together in the most healthiest of ways.

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2 thoughts on “How Family Mountain Biking Bond Us

  1. Your family looks like ours, all together on mountain bikes! We will be traveling to Guatemala and would like to ride bikes with our young kids, ages 5 & 8 while in the Antigua area. Do you know any places that might rent kids bikes?

    1. HI Steve,

      What a fun trip you have planned. I honestly don’t know about renting bikes for that age group. Most of the bikes are for mountain biking since that is what is the fun thing to do here and that is usually done by older people.

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